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A Full Continuum of Care

Taylor Recovery offers a full continuum of care for addiction treatment from the first day of detox until the last day of sober living. Our detox and residential facility is located in Sugar Land, TX.

Detox Program
The medical detox program offers indivualized care for the patients based on what drugs they were using and for how long. When the patient first arrives at Sugar Land, they will go through an extensive intake process where a team of medical professionals and doctors evaluate the patient and construct a treatment plan specific to them.

Residential Treatment Program
After the patient has completed their stay in our medical detox center, they will be transferred into our residential treatment program at the same location. Once here, they will be assigned a primary therapist who will help construct a treatment plan specifically tailored for them. They will attend both daily group and individual sessions, meet with a psychiatrist and work through the causes of their addiction.

Outpatient & Sober Living
Following both detox and treatment at the Sugar Land facility, the patient will be transferred to their Houston Sober Living apartment. Taylor Recovery’s sober living is a luxorious community located on Houston’s east side, just outside of downtown. On a sprawling 22,000 square-foot campus, the newly renovated facility welcomes those who wish to continue their recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.
The patient will continue to step down in their therapy until they have successfully developed the skills and coping mechanisms to ensure that they have the best possibility of achieving and mantaining long term sobriety.

About Us
About Us
About Us

Our Facility

Fully private and semi-private rooms are available on the campus, as well as single occupancy luxury facility units. Each space has been finished with high-end materials including wood floors, granite countertops and tiled kitchens. Each apartment comes furnished with comfortable sofas, a dining table, linens and flat screen televisions with cable access and wifi.

About Us

A Pet Friendly Sober Living Center

Pets are not able to disguise or hide their emotions, and they openly react to human’s emotions. As such, pets provide a great mirror for their human companions’ behavior. Pets also set an example for how to display emotional honesty. This is critical during the recovery process as our clients learn to experience and display emotional honesty and as our clients learn to recognize the effects of their behavior on those around them. Pets are also a great way to practice emotional and financial responsibility, as they need cared for no matter what. As our clients learn to protect their health and take better care of themselves, they also practice this by caring for their pets, who are entirely dependent on them.

During the course of battling addiction, one of the biggest casualties is the loss or disruption of personal relationships. Rebuilding core relationships or forming new relationships is part of the path to sobriety, but it can be an intimidating or slow process. Luckily, pets love quickly and unconditionally, and this loving relationship can be highly valuable for a person in recovery. Our clients can model the process of learning how to give and receive in relationships with their pet before or while they do it in relationships with family and friends.