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Rehab Drug Addiction Treatment with Your Dogs & Cats

At Taylor Recovery, we pride ourselves on doing things differently than other luxury recovery treatment centers. One of the ways we rise above the rest is our pet friendly policy. We not only allow our residents to bring their pets to addiction treatment, we encourage it. Below, we explore the many benefits of including beloved pet in the recovery process; however, our policy isn’t just about the science behind it. We also have personal experience with the value of including pets in the recovery process. We are your dogs & cats pet friendly drug detox in Houston. We want you to bring your best friends whether they are your hamster, dogs, or cats.

The Story of a Dog Named Booda

Taylor Recovery rehab treatment that allow cats and dogs founder Tom credits his furry best friend, Booda, as an integral part of his recovery process and his sustained sobriety. But it wasn’t easy bringing Booda along to treatment. Most centers don’t allow dogs, and many more have breed restrictions. Tom refused to abandon Booda to go to treatment, and his recovery process was delayed until he could find a facility that would allow his furry best friend, Booda.

About Booda’s role in his recovery, Tom said, “I felt like Booda and I had a pure relationship. He helped me make friends; he was always calm. He was a total comfort to me. He was part of everything during my recovery.” Tom couldn’t imagine having to go through the intensive rehab recovery process without the support and love of his dog, Booda.

Taylor Recovery pet friendly drug rehab in Houston with your dogs and cats was founded to ensure that no one has to postpone or miss out on drug or alcohol addiction treatment because they can’t find a center that will accommodate their animal best friend. At Taylor Recovery, we offer you and your pet semi or fully private units or single occupancy luxury units designed to give you personal space and downtime.

Pet Friendly Rehab Treatment in Houston with Dogs & Cats

Emotional & Relational Benefits with BringingYour Dog or Cats During Drug Detox & Healing

Pets are not able to disguise or hide their emotions, and they openly react to human’s emotions. As such, pets provide a great mirror for their human companions’ behavior. Pets also set an example for how to display emotional honesty. This is critical during the recovery process as our clients learn to experience and display emotional honesty and as our clients learn to recognize the effects of their behavior on those around them. Pets are also a great way to practice emotional and financial responsibility, as they need cared for no matter what. As our clients learn to protect their health and take better care of themselves, they also practice this by caring for their pets, who are entirely dependent on them. During the course of battling addiction, one of the biggest casualties is the loss or disruption of personal relationships. Rebuilding core relationships or forming new relationships is part of the path to sobriety, but it can be an intimidating or slow process. Luckily, pets love quickly and unconditionally, and this loving relationship can be highly valuable for a person in recovery. Our clients can model the process of learning how to give and receive in relationships with their pet before or while they do it in relationships with family and friends.

Rehab Clinic You Can Bring Your Dogs or Cats

Physical & Social Benefits when Your Pets are by Your Side During Treatment

Numerous studies have explored and revealed the benefits of the human-pet relationship and of therapy involving animals. These benefits include improved morale, better reported health, reduced anxiety and stress, and more. According to an extensive research review, human-animal interactions are also documented to have positive effects on participants’ social attention during detox, social behavior, interpersonal interactions, and mood, as well as physical stress-related parameters such as cortisol, heart rate, and blood pressure. Interacting with animals is also shown to reduce self-reported fear and anxiety and improve mental and physical health during treatments. If you or your loved one is battling addiction, Taylor Recovery is where you can find experienced competent staff, a perfect blend of privacy and peer support, individualized treatment, and of course, an addiction center and sober living home where you and your pet are welcome. Call us and discover the first step toward a healthy, dogs cats pet friendly drug detox in Houston sober life.

Houston Dogs & Cats Pet Friendly Addiction Rehab Clinic

Rehab Center I Can Bring My Cat or Dog

Taylor Recovery Center is a pet friendly drug rehab in Houston with your dogs and cats facility. We encourage residents to bring their beloved pet with them during their stay here during their rehab programs.

The Proven Results of Combining Pets and Addiction Treatment

Numerous addiction studies suggest that spending time with a pet can be more beneficial than even opening to a family member or loved one. This make sense given how guarded clients with addiction tend to be. They find in their animal a completely non-judgmental sounding board for their fears, complaints, reservations, and troubles. Overall the combination of pets and addiction recovery has been dramatically underutilized, despite its numerous benefits and proven results. Animals have no hidden agenda related to your recovery and no manipulative inclinations; just the biological instinct to bond with their owners and offer support and connection that humans can find literally nowhere else.

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