Pet Friendly Dogs & Cats Drug Detox Rehab Treatment in Houston

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Pet-friendly Rehab and Addiction Treatment

Animals are man’s best friends. This definitely stands true in a lot of cases, but not as much as addiction recovery. Pet Friendly Drug Rehab Treatment Center is a tough journey—because letting go of a habit that has defined a major chunk of your life is definitely daunting. However, did you know that your pet’s coils become the source of the much-needed support that you always craved?

If you have a family member that’s going through this addiction recovery phase and they have a pet back home that they always have to worry about, stress no more! Taylor Recovery offers a pet-friendly environment, where you can not only bring your pets but have them as that strong system of support in your toughest journey.

Pet Friendly Dogs & Cats Drug Detox Rehab Treatment in Houston

How Can Your Pets Help In Addiction Recovery?

Whether it’s your chirpy kitty or a fierce Great Dane, or a little squirrel, pets can be your strength. And they can help you heal from a huge spectrum of problems: addiction, mental illness, depression, stress, anxiety, among others.

Because of alcohol-related depression, the motivation in the said person is very low, thereby affecting their ability to socialize. Pets help in increasing the dopamine levels in the brain, hence creating lowering blood pressure and helping you brighten your mood.

At Taylor Recovery, your pets stay with you throughout the treatment. This way even you are assured of your pet’s well-being since they aren’t left at home. Because of the presence of your pet, you have the feeling of being at “home.” Our pet-friendly place helps you go through the side-effects of withdrawal with your furry friend, thereby preventing relapse.

Moreover, everyone in society can judge you for who you are, but your pet would never care. Pets don’t judge their owners for being addicted, rather they give unconditional love. Furthermore, because of your pet, you also get to interact more with your peers.

Let Your Pet HELP!

Pet Friendly Dogs & Cats Drug Detox Rehab Treatment in Houston

Why Taylor Recovery?

Taylor Recovery is a pet-friendly rehab providing individuals with the ideal place to fight their addictions. With our team of expert doctors, nurses and caregivers, we have a story community where people from different backgrounds to achieve one common goal – say goodbye to addiction.

If you are still wondering why should you choose Taylor Recovery,
here are a couple more food for your thought:

  • Pet-friendly rehab
  • Residential rehab
  • Acupuncture/Aromatherapy
  • Natural and Tight-knit
  • Several Years of Experience
  • Proven Succesful with evidence-based therapies
Pet Friendly Dogs & Cats Drug Detox Rehab Treatment in Houston

So, if you want to get rid of that evil called addiction hand-in-hand with your animal and furry friends,

get in touch with us now!