Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) serving Dallas, TX

A program designed to carefully monitor each patient’s recovery growth.

What is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

Here at Taylor Recovery, we offer an Intensive Outpatient Program in a professional rehab facility.

This program happens in the daytime, and the number of days and hours that someone should attend their Intensive Outpatient Program will depend on each individual.

The Intensive Outpatient Program or IOP that we provide here at Taylor Recovery is one of a kind, yet we still follow science-based treatments and research to ensure that we’re giving the best services to our patients.

IOP is an effective way to treat various substance use disorders and mental illnesses that most recovering addicts are going through. This will work well for those who have completed their inpatient programs but still want that solid support system as they work their way towards long-term sobriety.

Most patients who opt to go through an Intensive Outpatient Program attend their treatment sessions during the day while having the option to go home every night. This makes an IOP ideal for those who want to slowly reintegrate themselves into their routine and relationships.

Taylor Recovery has a team of qualified physicians and certified medical professionals ready to guide you through your Intensive Outpatient Program.

So reach out to us today to know more about Taylor Recovery’s Intensive Outpatient Program serving Dallas, Texas.

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Taylor Recovery accepts a wide variety of insurance and payment plans.

The Best Candidate for Intensive Outpatient Program

Those who have finished their inpatient treatments can go for an Intensive Outpatient Program, as this has been deemed as a “step down” from inpatient programs. There are a variety of treatments attached to IOP – not just the ones we offer here at Taylor Recovery, but even those rehab facilities around the United States of America. Here at Taylor Recovery, an individual recovery plan will be developed according to the needs of each patient. We customize this recovery plan to ensure that we follow each treatment depending on what’s best for your needs. This makes our approach unique, which makes us an ideal rehab to go through an IOP. Why not schedule an assessment today at our rehab facility to know whether you’re a great candidate for our Intensive Outpatient Program? Find out and see how incredible long-term sobriety can be – we will be here to guide you each step of the way at Taylor Recovery.

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