Sober Living Homes Serving People in Dallas, Texas

A sober living housing program designed to guide and supervise individuals on their journey.

What is a Sober Living Program?

Sober Living Program is a general term used for any shared housing environment where each resident is abstaining from any type of alcohol or drugs.

We offer this at Taylor Recovery, and we are proud to be of service to those living in Dallas, Texas.

The Sober Living Program that we offer here at Taylor Recovery follows a laid-back environment while still being able to guide each of the residents under our care. We want them to find beauty in their freedom while still having the guidance they can get if they go through an outpatient program.

Why not reach out to our team today at Taylor Recovery to learn more about the Sober Living Programs we offer to residents in Dallas?

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Taylor Recovery accepts a wide variety of insurance and payment plans.

Who Can Live in Sober Living Houses?

If you have finished your inpatient and outpatient treatments, but you still feel like you’re not comfortable dealing with the “real world” without falling back into your old routines, then staying at a Sober Living Home might be for you. Here at Taylor Recovery, we offer Sober Living Houses to prospective patients around Dallas, Texas. We believe that this can help them deal with their addiction triggers while successfully reintegrating themselves back into their everyday lives. While there are still therapies and treatments that each patient has to go through, living under a Sober Living Program is a lot freer with more independence. This is something that most people appreciate, as they can work on their therapies whenever they want to. The Sober Living Houses we offer at Taylor Recovery are some of the best and well-equipped – not just in Dallas but around the state too. So what are you waiting for? If you think that Sober Living Houses might be for you, reach out to our team to schedule an assessment. You’ll see how beneficial this program might be to most people.

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