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An intensive outpatient program or the IOP can be referred to as an affordable rehab program with the benefits of an inpatient treatment program. We can say that IOP is merging only the best qualities of both inpatient and outpatient treatments. IOP is mainly the bridge between inpatient and outpatient care, connecting the good qualities of both sides. This sort of treatment is especially beneficial if the individual is not suffering from severe addiction and has other responsibilities to take care of at home and work. If you too fall under this category, then we would recommend you to go for an intensive outpatient program-an affordable solution to fight against addiction.

What to Expect at an IOP Offered by Taylor Recovery?

An IOP or intensive outpatient program caters to minor addiction issues, possibly those which are in an early stage of addiction. IOP is offered by various rehab facilities but the best one is offered only by Taylor Recovery. 

IOP offered by Taylor Recovery gives you the benefit of attending all the therapies and treatments included in a typical inpatient treatment plan. If you go for an intensive outpatient program, you get the added benefit of not staying at the facility until the completion of your recovery period. Also, the cost of IOP is much lesser than an inpatient care program as you would not be using the residential premises. 

To sum it up, an intensive outpatient program includes all the necessary therapies at an affordable price with the advantage of not staying in a facility for months. This can be a convenient plan for you if you are a patient with minor addiction issues and also need to take care of work and/or household responsibilities.

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Intensive Outpatient Program at Taylor Recovery

We at Taylor Recovery believe that every patient should be given equal priority, no matter which program they choose. All our doctors and other medical professionals are trained to treat all sorts of addiction issues using more than one suitable treatment method. Moreover, we respect your privacy and believe in providing nothing but the best. 

Join our intensive outpatient program now and take a step ahead towards a lifetime of sobriety. 

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