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Firstly, it is important to understand that addiction treatment does not work on the “one size fits all” formula. This means that no two people can be treated using one approach. Every individual experiences different side effects of addiction, hence, all of them require a different approach to treatment. One such treatment method widely used by the experts of Taylor Recovery is the Partial Hospitalization Program or PHP. This is a kind of treatment program offered to patients who need an alternative between residential and outpatient care. If you too feel you need such an alternative, Taylor Recovery is the right place for you.

Partial Hospitalization Program At Taylor Recovery

As we mentioned earlier, a partial hospitalization program is an alternative between inpatient and outpatient care. This means that if you choose to go for PHP you are not required to stay in the facility until the completion of treatment. All you are expected to do is attend the treatment five days a week.

Our therapy sessions last for about 6 six hours. During the treatment period, you will avail the care given to our residential care patients along with the benefit of attending group therapies. You will also learn the different coping techniques which you can also practice when you go back home.

While you undergo PHP, you will be allowed to visit home in between therapies, unlike inpatient care. This program works best if you are not suffering from severe addiction and a few hours of therapy each day will do its job.

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If you have realized that you are suffering from addiction well on time, then we can help you choose the right rehab program-partial hospitalization program. PHP will be a perfect fit if you have minor addiction as it allows you to focus on your daily life while undergoing treatment at selected hours. 

Not just this, but Taylor Recovery also offers a set of several other treatment programs which can be recommended as per the severity of one’s addiction. Consult our experts today to learn more about our rehab programs. 

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