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Usually, outpatient programs of 30 to 90 days are followed by a transition to sober living homes. Transferring immediately to sober living homes after just a couple of months of therapy can lead the patients to relapse as they are in a vulnerable state.

Therefore, to avoid these chances of relapse, we at Taylor Recovery offer the option of Sober Living Apartments. Our aim is that all our patients heal completely and go back with a positive experience. Thus, to achieve this goal, we suggest our patients stay at our sober living apartments until they are confident enough to return to their usual lives.

Know More about our Sober Living Apartments

Sober living apartments at Taylor Recovery is a shared housing system with individuals at a similar stage of recovery as yours. Such a shared housing system offers a stable and comfortable transition from inpatient care.  Since you will be moving out of inpatient care, you must begin interacting and involving yourself with the outside world and to make that possible, we offer the following amenities: 

  • Private and semi-private rooms 
  • Weekly outings 
  • Backyards and patios 
  • 24/7 live-in management for support 
  • Accessible parking areas 
  • Fully equipped kitchens 
  • Access to OTT platforms like Netflix and HBO
  • Rides to daily meetings 
  • High-speed internet 
  • Extra storage space 
  • Latest TVs 
  • Pet-friendly living areas 

We provide all this so that our patients feel comfortable while they come out from inpatient care.

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We accept insurance from various providers across the country. You can consult our financial team to verify yours.

Best Sober Living Apartments in Texas

We at Taylor Recovery believe that the journey towards sobriety is filled with obstacles and none of us can go through it without the right support. Similar is the case with patients transitioning from inpatient care. They are especially vulnerable because they have been through the worst of mental and physical states. Therefore, such patients need the best quality sober living apartments to safely step out into the outside world and that is only possible at the sober living apartment facility offered by Taylor Recovery in Texas. 

Our sober living apartments are equipped with the best amenities and comfortable rooms which makes your transition a lot easier. Visit our sober living apartments today!

Contact our staff to book an appointment and begin your journey on the road to recovery soon!