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Since the legalization of marijuana or weed, there has been a rise in the number of addiction cases. However, several other factors also play an important role in the rising number of cases of marijuana addiction. Some of those reasons are legalization, easy availability, and low cost.

Marijuana also has a medicinal purpose to it. It is often recommended for overcoming mental health illnesses like depression, anxiety, etc. but like other prescription drugs, marijuana is also often abused. Prolonged use of the drug leads to marijuana addiction which is just as harmful as addiction to any other drugs. Marijuana addiction can only be treated at specialized rehab centers like Taylor Recovery.

Marijuana Use Disorder

Even though marijuana is a medicinal drug, it still has the potential of being abused. Abusing marijuana is just as dangerous as abusing any other drug. Therefore, it is important to know a few signs of marijuana use disorder which can help you seek treatment on time. Some of the common signs of the disorder are: 

  • Taking more quantities than before
  • Marijuana cravings 
  • Difficulty controlling marijuana use 
  • Observing problems at school, work, and home
  • Developing marijuana tolerance 
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms after missing even one dose

These are some of the common signs of abuse observed in people addicted to marijuana. Therefore, if you or anyone around you is seen portraying these signs, immediately seek professional assistance from Taylor Recovery.

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Marijuana Addiction Treatment At Taylor Recovery

One can detox from marijuana on their own but facing the withdrawal symptoms might lead them to relapse. Therefore, it is advised that you should detox only under supervision at a reputed rehab center like Taylor Recovery.  At Taylor Recovery we offer a range of certified treatments for marijuana addiction. Three of our major treatments include: 
  • Residential or inpatient treatment 
  • PHP or partial hospitalization treatment 
  • Intensive outpatient treatment 
All these treatments are effective and you can choose the most suitable one for yourself depending on the severity of your addiction. The journey towards recovery begins with just a call!  Call us now and sign up for a marijuana addiction treatment program.