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PHP rehab services at our Outpatient facility in Houston, TX.

A judgment-free space where individuals can recover from addiction
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What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

Taylor Recovery is an intimate drug and alcohol rehab center located conveniently in Houston, Texas. This is a judgment-free space where individuals can recover from addiction, and one of the best ways for them to do this is through the Partial Hospitalization Program.

Partial Hospitalization Program or PHP is one of the more serious addiction treatments that each patient can go through. This is an essential step when it comes to reaching a person’s recovery goals, and this is surely a great step. This is also the type of treatment where each individual can get the treatment they need during the day, but they can still go home to their loved ones during the night.

If you’re uncomfortable staying at a rehab facility, you have the option to go home or stay in one of our Sober Living Houses. This is one of the main benefits of going through PHP.

Even though PHP is considered an outpatient program, each of our patients at Taylor Recovery will still get the highest level of support and structure for their treatments.

The great news is that Taylor Recovery offers our Partial Hospitalization Program to those in the Greater Houston Area and beyond.

So why don’t you reach out to our team of experts today to know more about Taylor Recovery’s Partial Hospitalization Program?

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If you’re interested in going through Taylor Recovery’s Partial Hospitalization Program, there are things that you should keep in mind before starting with the admissions process. It’s best to understand that PHP isn’t an easy feat, and though you’re not living inside of a rehab facility, there are things that you still need to think about to ensure that you’re getting the necessary care that you need. What individuals have to understand is that you can’t just opt for PHP just because you want to. This program comes after you complete your inpatient treatment – it’s the second step to your addiction recovery journey. Although there are certain cases where patients might tend to begin their journey through PHP. It’s on a case-to-case basis, and our qualified physicians here at Taylor Recovery will assess you and give you that go signal if you’re ready to go through our PHP. If you have a loved one who needs to go through a Partial Hospitalization Program, then Taylor Recovery is always here for you. Reach out to us today at Taylor Recovery to schedule an assessment – know that we will ensure a smooth transition from addiction to addiction recovery, that’s for sure.

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