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What is Medication-Assisted Treatment?

There’s a growing addiction rate in Houston, Texas, and this is something that we’re trying to combat here at Taylor Recovery. We do want to see Texas drug-free in the years to come, and while it isn’t easy, it’s also not impossible.

Here at Taylor Recovery, we offer our own Medication-Assisted Treatment that can help patients safely transition from addiction to addiction recovery.

Medication-Assisted Treatment is a program that combines behavioral therapy, counseling, and medication to treat various patients who are under the spell of drugs or alcohol. The type of medication provided to each client is well-thought-out and you can rest assured that we will be monitoring you as you go through the whole process.

The Medication-Assisted Treatment offered at Taylor Recovery is science-based and holistic, and you’ll know that you’re in excellent hands.

Medication-Assisted Treatment
cognitive and addiction behavior treatment

Can Medication-Assisted Treatment Help You Overcome Addiction?

When you use medication to treat addiction, this is something that needs to be done in a professional setting. This is something that needs to be done in a rehabilitation facility because you need to be monitored by certified medical professionals when you take medications that can help with drug or alcohol addiction.

Taylor Recovery believes that dealing with addiction is never easy, and this is why we’re always here for you each step of the way. The Medication-Assisted Treatment that we offer allows our patients to open up to other treatments that can help them modify their thoughts and actions so they can remain on their path toward addiction recovery.

Know that our team of certified medical professionals at Taylor Recovery can successfully help you safely transition from addiction to addiction recovery – that’s a guarantee.

The Benefits of Medication-Assisted Treatment in Houston, Texas

Those who might have suffered from a relapse after previous attempts of gaining sobriety can immensely benefit from Medication-Assisted Treatments. This is a program that can help diminish – even remove, in some cases – the severe cravings that lead to relapse.

Here at Taylor Recovery, the Medication-Assisted Treatment we offer is available to those seeking help when it comes to addiction to the following substances:

N Alcohol
N Benzodiazepines
N Heroin
N Methamphetamine
N Opioids

If you’re wondering if Medication-Assisted Treatment is for you, call us at Taylor Recovery to schedule an assessment. Know that we’re always here for you, and we will be with you each step of the way – this is a guarantee.

cognitive and addiction behavior treatment

Here at Taylor Recovery, we accept most major insurance providers around the country. Give us a call for a hassle-free transaction today.

Change the Direction of Your Life with Taylor Recovery

Taylor Recovery aims to break barriers when it comes to addiction, and we also aim to provide accessible treatments to those who need them. You can rest assured that we can help you and that we will provide the necessary care that you will be needing throughout the entirety of the program.

We have a team of qualified physicians and certified medical professionals that can help you. Not only that, but we will carefully assist and monitor you as you go through the medication process, the withdrawal process, etc.

Rest assured that you have a safe space here in Houston with Taylor Recovery.

So what are you waiting for?

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