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The Role Of Partial Hospitalization Program In Addiction Recovery

Your addiction symptoms may not warrant constant supervision, yet you’re not quite prepared for the autonomy of outpatient treatment. Then again, residential care may feel too intensive. In such cases, Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs) could be the ideal solution for those residing in San Antonio, Texas. Here, you’ll engage in recovery-focused activities nearly every day within a supportive environment, providing opportunities to develop sober skills firsthand.

Partial Hospitalization

Partial Hospitalization Program
at Taylor Recovery

Partial Hospitalization Programs at Taylor Recovery present a comprehensive and robust approach to addiction treatment, striking a balance between intensive care and flexibility.

Throughout the majority of each day, you’ll immerse yourself in a supportive environment alongside experienced staff and empathetic peers, dedicating time to learning, healing, and recovery. With a range of therapeutic interventions at your disposal, including medication management, psychotherapy, and complementary therapies, you’ll address your addiction from various angles, fostering holistic healing.

If you have stable and supportive housing nearby, you can reside in the comfort of your own home while undergoing treatment. This personalized approach ensures that you receive care tailored to your unique needs and recovery journey, empowering you to make meaningful progress toward sobriety.

So, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you take the next step toward recovery and explore the benefits of Partial Hospitalization Program near San Antonio?

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What You Can Expect From Partial Hospitalization In San Antonio


Partial Hospitalization

Admission And Evaluation

Upon enrollment in a Partial Hospitalization Program at Taylor Recovery, you’ll begin by completing the necessary intake documentation before undergoing a comprehensive assessment. This assessment delves into various aspects of your history, including substance use patterns, physical and mental health status, prior treatment experiences, and more.

Given the unique nature of each individual’s background and needs, the information gathered during this evaluation serves as the foundation for developing a personalized treatment plan tailored specifically to you.

Treatment Phase

Partial Hospitalization Programs represent one of the most intensive outpatient options available, offering up to 30 hours per week of therapeutic interventions. These may include individual therapy sessions, group counseling sessions, family therapy sessions, educational workshops focusing on skills development and drug awareness, medication management, and dual diagnosis treatment for concurrent mental health conditions. While the duration of treatment may vary from person to person, participants typically engage in PHPs for several weeks to a few months.

Partial Hospitalization
Partial Hospitalization

And continued support

As your Partial Hospitalization Program draws to a close, our treatment team will collaborate with you to devise a personalized aftercare plan. This plan may involve transitioning to a less intensive level of care, such as an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) or standard outpatient therapy. Alternatively, it may entail arrangements for sober living accommodations, participation in support groups, or ongoing individual therapy sessions, ensuring that you receive the ongoing support necessary for sustained recovery.

If your insurance provider is not among those listed, please be assured that we provide insurance verification services to cater to the needs of both you and your loved ones.

Partial Hospitalization

The Benefits Of Partial hospitalization at Taylor Recovery near San Antonio, Texas

Embark on a transformative journey toward recovery by enrolling in a Partial Hospitalization Program at Taylor Recovery, committing yourself to comprehensive care and ongoing support.

The following are some compelling reasons why this intensive form of treatment may be the ideal choice:


Receive dedicated treatment for six hours a day, Monday through Friday, and three hours on Saturday. This intensive schedule allows for more extensive therapy compared to standard outpatient programs while maintaining the independence of living at home.


Benefit from regular check-ins to ensure your medications are effective and your therapy is yielding positive results. Know that our attentive staff at Taylor Recovery is readily available to provide support, eliminating the need to wait for appointments.


Not everyone can accommodate the time and disruption to daily life associated with Residential Treatment. Partial Hospitalization Programs near San Antonio, Texas, offer a flexible alternative, providing a balance between intensive care and maintaining normalcy in your routine.


Live with your family or loved ones while participating in treatment, allowing you to learn and practice sober living skills in a supportive environment. Moreover, you can develop strategies to fill your free time without resorting to drug or alcohol use.


Forge meaningful connections with others who share similar experiences and aspirations for recovery. Plus, surround yourself with individuals who understand addiction and are committed to achieving a healthier and more sober lifestyle.

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