12-Step Addiction Recovery Program for your Loved Ones

Sep 14, 2022 | Rehab

You might know a loved one who needs help to overcome addiction. Unfortunately, you are unable to help them because of the lack of knowledge about the right rehab and treatment programs. Finding the most appropriate rehab center for a loved one can be difficult. 

That’s why we are here to help you. Taylor Recovery is a rehab center located in Houston, Texas offering various programs like 12-step addiction treatment. Here’s a blog compiled with all the necessary information about our 12-step addiction program. 

12-Step Addiction Recovery Program

As the name suggests, 12-step recovery programs consist of 12 levels of recovery. The program allows the patient to progress through these 12 steps at their own pace and achieve sobriety. This program is a flexible, and long-term therapeutic tool used to overcome addiction. Here, the patients can find the needed support from the group meetings, sponsorships, and other members who have accomplished this program. 

The 12-step program begins with admission and is followed by acceptance, and seeking support from other members. The program includes the following steps:

  1. Admitting that their addiction is no longer under their control
  2. Believing that an external force or power can help them
  3. Surrendering to a higher power and seeking help
  4. Understanding the effects of their behavior on others 
  5. Admitting their mistakes and faults 
  6. Accepting the flaws and not running after perfection 
  7. Asking for help from others 
  8. Listing down the names of those whom they have hurt
  9. Asking for forgiveness 
  10. Taking personal inventory 
  11. Making a life plan and purpose without addiction 
  12. Serving and giving back to the community 

A 12-step program is especially beneficial for men as they can thoroughly understand the community. 

Attend 12-Step Program at Taylor Recovery 

Now that you what a 12-step program is and how it helps, you can enroll your loved one at Taylor Recovery for the same. 

Our treatment programs are available for the residents of Fort Worth, Texas. Contact us now to enroll in our programs.