How is the 12 Step Program Laid Out in Houston, TX

Apr 9, 2022 | Rehab

The 12 Step approach has been around for over 70 years. These steps were created by Alcoholics Anonymous to help alcoholics around the world. All addiction centers in Houston also adopt the approach and provide support to its clients. However, each treatment center has their own way of integrating the 12 steps into their program. 

In this article, we will talk about the 12 steps and how they are laid out. 

What is the 12 step approach?

Step 1: The first step begins by admitting that the person is powerless over alcohol. Admitting consists of accepting the fact our lives become unfathomable without the substance. 

Step 2: Believing that a power mightier than us can bring us to sanity. 

Step 3: Making the decision that we will submit our will to God and go under his care. 

Step 4: Making a moral inventory of ourselves to be honest with ourselves. 

Step 5: Admitting to God, and others, the nature of our wrongs. 

Step 6: Being ready to facilitate God in removing all of these wrongs.

Step 7: Beseeching him to remove our bad habits. 

Step 8: Listing all the persons that we have harmed in the process and making amends to all of them. 

Step 9: Trying to make amends to people and avoiding injuring them further.

Step 10: Continuing on the personal journey and admitting when we are at fault. 

Step 11: Practicing prayer and meditation and becoming answerable to God. 

Step 12: Taking the message to other people and trying to help them with their addiction. 

Do I need to be religious to practice the 12 steps?

There are many people out there who criticize the 12 steps for its religious wording. However, we are here to tell you that Alcoholics Anonymous had no intention of ever making it religious. 

The process in itself comes from religious awakening. This is because when you complete the 12 steps, you feel as if you’ve had a religious experience. But, this does not have any connection with the traditional notion of religion. 

At Taylor Recovery Center in Houston, we have exclusively made the 12 steps into a program, which anyone can join. Your religious inclination does not preclude your steps into recovery. We have taken extreme care that no person feels discomforted while undergoing the 12 steps. Contact Taylor Recovery Center to find out more.