3 Major Benefits of Dual Diagnosis at Texas Rehab

Jun 24, 2022 | Rehab

A co-occurring disorder is a condition where an individual suffers from a mental health illness along with struggling with addiction. People have been suffering from this condition for a long time. Experts in the past used to treat both the conditions separately and named the treatment as sequential treatment. However, this treatment method had a major downside-higher risk of relapse. 

Therefore, the professionals have now come up with an advanced approach to this disorder-dual diagnosis treatment. This is a treatment method where the patients undergo therapies addressing both the disorders. 

Common Mental Health Conditions 

However, there can be unique mental health conditions depending from person to person, there are also some commonly observed illnesses such as: 

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder 
  • Bipolar disorder 
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression 

Depression is one of the most commonly observed mental health illnesses in individuals seeking professional aid. It shows some symptoms like pervasive sadness, lack of energy, and relational issues. These can lead individuals to rely on addictive substances to achieve a stable mental state. It might feel good at first but abusing substances to overcome mental health illness only worsens the situation. 

3 Major Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Treatment 

According to the experts at Taylor Recovery, dual diagnosis treatment is the most ideal method to treat co-occurring disorders. It might seem challenging to heal both conditions at once, but it will be beneficial in the longer run. Here are the 3 major benefits of undergoing a dual diagnosis treatment: 

  1. It is personalized 

Every individual is built differently, hence, treating them using a singular approach won’t be helpful. Dual diagnosis treatment gives the benefit of customizing the therapies as per the patient’s needs. This includes analyzing a patient’s family history regarding mental health conditions and addiction, medications taken in the past, and other treatments. 

  1. It is integrated

As the name already suggests, dual diagnosis is an integrated form of treatment where both the conditions are treated simultaneously. It requires professionals and experts in addiction and mental health to handle the conditions. The treatment utilizes several therapies, medications, and social support to cater to every patient’s needs. 

  1. It prioritizes detox and rehab 

Any addiction treatment begins with detox followed by rehab treatment. Patients suffering from co-occurring disorders need extra care such as medically-assisted detox to go through a severe withdrawal phase. Dual diagnosis considers all this and provides just what’s needed for the patient to safely detox and move to rehab. During the rehab phase, patients can go for either inpatient or outpatient care as per the severity of their condition. 

Dual Diagnosis at Texas RehabTo successfully carry out dual diagnosis treatment, you would need expert assistance. Taylor Recovery in Katy, Texas can provide just that. Our rehab center is well equipped with up-to-date treatments and therapies which can help every patient achieve sobriety at the earliest. Get in touch with our experts to enroll in the dual diagnosis treatment program.