3 Steps to Begin a New Life Without Substances

Aug 14, 2022 | Rehab

Accepting dependency on drugs or alcohol is the first step toward recovery. Once you have admitted your addiction, you can then move on to finding the right rehab for detox and addiction therapies. If you have suffered from severe addiction issues, you might need help with certain medications. This is known as the medically-assisted detox. 

Before you begin the treatment at our rehab, we would like you to prepare yourself for the program. Here’s how you can go about it. 

Preparing for Addiction Treatment

The process begins with admitting your addiction to drugs or alcohol. After that, the steps mentioned below follow. 

  1. Evaluation: the first step that you would undergo is evaluation. The experts at the rehab center will evaluate your mental and physical health using various tests. A few blood tests would be done to measure the levels of substances present in your system. From the results, you will then be recommended a treatment plan suiting your needs. 
  1. Stabilization: this is the step where you would undergo a few medical and psychological therapies to stabilize yourself. Its main purpose is to avoid any physical, emotional, and mental harm. You might also be prescribed a few medications to ease the withdrawal symptoms during the detox phase. 
  1. Preparing for the treatment: you would be informed about all the treatment programs relevant to your condition by the rehab staff. If you have undergone medically-assisted detox, you would be recommended to go for a residential or inpatient treatment program. If the addiction wasn’t severe, you can opt for outpatient treatment. 

Once you begin with the treatment and therapies, you would soon be on the path to recovery. 

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