5 Best Sober Travel Destinations

Jan 7, 2019 | Rehab

Are you living the sober life, but craving a vacation?

Fantastic news! Vacationing does not always land you in a Spring break party scene.

You can live a sober life and still experience the thrill of traveling. In fact, sober travel opens the door to all sorts of opportunities that the party scene often makes people sleep through.

5 Best Sober Travel Destinations

You do not want to spoil your recovery by vacationing in a spot, like Las Vegas, flooded with temptations. But you also should not close yourself off from the wonders of the world in an attempt to protect your sobriety. Sober living should not feel like life is over, but rather as a fresh beginning.

Travel mindfully. Keep reading to learn about 5 of the best travel destinations around the world.

1. Chattanooga, TN, USA

In Chattanooga, you can literally search deep down inside the Earth and reach high into the sky for entertainment. As home to Lookout Mountain, you can explore the caves to find the world’s largest underground waterfall and climb the summit for a stunning view of seven US states in one glance.

Visit Ruby Falls ZIPStream Aerial Adventure Park, to zip through the treetops and complete challenging obstacle courses. Also, hike or rent a bike to view the gorgeous scenery around the mountain trails. You will only crave water to drink during activities like these.

This city also offers historic fun, an old-fashioned railway ride through the mountains, and an artsy museum. Animal lovers should spend a day or two visiting the Chattanooga Zoo and Tennessee Aquarium too!

2. Bihar, India

Visit the sober state of Bihar to explore amazing Buddhist pilgrimage sites, the Hindu Mahavir Mandir temple, and the Sikhs place of worship. Soak in the beautifully diverse history.

3. Lakshwadeep, India

Travel off the mainland to the sober island of Kavaratti, that boasts pristine white sand beaches and beautiful lagoons. Visit the aquarium, scuba dive, and soak up the sun.

4. Tanzania, Africa

Take a safari through the Serengeti to experience a wilder side of life. Take the chance to meet some of the local Maasai people and learn the ways of their amazing culture that still exhibits ancient hunter-gatherer qualities.

Also, climb the great Mount Kilimanjaro if you dare. Taking on this feat with local guides supposedly changes a person’s perception of life beyond comprehension. This provides one of the most exciting sober vacation opportunities.

5. Cruise Through Sobriety

You can hit the open sea and enjoy all the fun of a cruise on a totally sober vacation. Sober Celebrations explores the seas while keeping the ship completely dry.

You can travel to exotic destinations while keeping sober company. Perfect for a sober singles vacation.

Sober Vacations Rock

Sober travel allows you to experience so much culture that you won’t miss sitting on a bar stool or sleeping off a night of partying. Learn what it means to truly take a vacation.

Focus on enjoying rich cultures, historical sites, unique foods, and exciting adventures. If you’re still seeking the sober life, contact us. We want to see you live your best life.