7 Benefits of Residential Addiction Treatment

Jul 5, 2022 | Rehab

Get sober with residential drug rehab

There’s no shame in getting help for a substance addiction. Every year, over 20 million Americans seek treatment for an addiction – from alcohol dependence to marijuana and prescription drug abuse.

Some people can safely and successfully withdraw from alcohol or drugs at home. But others need skilled treatment and around-the-clock monitoring to ensure their detox and journey to sobriety is successful. For those with severe addictions, underlying health issues, or a history of multiple relapses, residential addiction treatment is the better option.

There are many benefits to residential addiction treatment – from providing a drug-free environment to access to unique amenities.

Seven benefits of residential rehab:

24/7 care

Being under constant care from a skilled team provides patients with a sense of security. Their health is being monitored, which is often a concern for people with underlying health issues who are also battling drug addiction.

Structured environment

At rehab, residents follow a structured schedule that’s planned by experts. This type of environment helps patients stay on track with completing their treatment program, including going to therapy, engaging in physical exercise, taking medication, and anything else the doctor orders.

Drug-free space

A drug-free environment is a must when it comes to becoming sober. Often when people try to quit at home, they relapse because they’re still around substances or have easy access to getting a substance, especially through family and friends. Residential rehab provides a safe, substance-free space so people can detox and quit without temptation or relapsing.

Relaxing amenities

Along with a drug-free space, residential rehab offers other amenities to help keep stressors low. And when stress is kept to a minimum, you’re less likely to crave drugs or other soothers. In rehab, you have access to amenities that help calm and relax you, such as quiet rooms, entertainment, and spa services.

Support network

There’s something uplifting about being around other people facing the same challenge. You also get to attend group therapy, where other people share their thoughts, feelings, and challenges. This can help inspire you to continue your journey to sobriety.

Relapse prevention

The chances of relapse during residential rehab are low. That’s why rehab is often recommended for people who have relapsed in the past or are at risk of relapsing. Even after you’re discharged, you’re given tools and tips to help you stay drug free. Relapse prevention programs are often part of a rehab facility’s aftercare treatment.

Treatment for other conditions

Often people receiving treatment for drug addiction need care for other conditions, like anxiety, depression, or PTSD. Residential rehab offers treatment for all of your needs and addresses any co-occurring issues that may interfere with your drug treatment.

Do I need residential addiction treatment?

After learning about the benefits of rehab, you may wonder if it’s a good fit for you or a loved one. It’s always a good idea to talk to the addiction treatment specialists at Taylor Recovery Center, a residential rehab in Houston, TX. Call 713-557-8573 or complete our online form to speak with an expert.