Different Ways That Addiction Can Affect Our Memory

Sep 3, 2022 | Rehab

When it comes to addiction, certain parts of our bodies can be affected or targeted.

One of the most common and severe effects of drug addiction is memory loss – whether it’s slight or severe memory loss.

Here at Taylor Recovery, we aim to educate our readers and prospective patients when it comes to the dangers of addiction and the beauty of recovery.

In this article, we’re going to tell you the different ways that addiction can affect our memory:

  1. Addiction will increase a person’s risk of memory-related disorders.

It has been proven that addiction can increase a person’s risk of developing memory-related disorders such as dementia, amnesia, Alzheimer’s, and Korsakoff’s Syndrome.

  1. Addiction has a negative impact on our brain’s memory storage system.

Drug use and alcoholism will negatively affect our hippocampus, and so our hippocampus won’t be able to convert short-term memories into long-term memories. This is where the problem lies as various special events such as birthdays, historical events, and personal milestones would be so hard to remember.

  1. Addiction can potentially prevent our brain from creating new memories correctly.

Those who abuse drugs and alcohol tend to experience “blackouts,” so these blackouts will refrain the brain from completing the process of forming new memories. This makes creating new memories extremely difficult.

Those who suffer from addiction might experience the aforementioned things, but it doesn’t have to be this way because there are ways to prevent these from happening.

One of the most important steps you have to take is to check into a rehab facility that can help you overcome addiction and lead a more sober lifestyle. This is something that we can help you with here at Taylor Recovery.

Taylor Recovery offers various treatments and therapies that can help those addicted fight the addiction that has been holding them captive. Not to mention that our team of qualified physicians and certified medical professionals will be with you each step of the way.

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