Is it Possible to Develop an Addiction to Wine?

Sep 24, 2022 | Rehab

Many of us love a glass of wine after a long day at work or when out on a vacation. Having a glass of wine occasionally isn’t a problem. But there’s a faint line between this moderate drinking and alcohol addiction that many of us cross without realizing. When these few glasses of wine turn into a regular habit, that’s where the concern arises. 

Wine might seem like a luxury drink with very less possibility of addiction. Sadly, that’s not true. Wine has a great potential to cause addiction. While the addiction to wine does not happen overnight, it also doesn’t go unnoticed.

Signs of Wine Addiction

Anyone addicted to wine shows the following signs of addiction such as:

  • Consuming more wine than usual: if you need more than one or two glasses of wine every night after work to feel better, it shows that you are developing an addiction.
  • Frequently drinking wine: when your occasional drinking turns into a regular habit, it’s a sign that you are developing a dependency on the substance. 
  • Experiencing blackouts: if you drink too many glasses too fast, you can black out and your body ceases to function normally. This is known as a blackout and a strong sign of addiction. 
  • Consuming other alcoholic beverages along with wine: if you have begun consuming other alcoholic beverages other than wine, it shows you’re addicted.  

If you notice such a behavior, it proves that you are addicted to wine and can develop an addiction to other alcoholic beverages too. Thus, consider seeking help before addiction worsens.

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