Addiction Treatment Professionals

Feb 12, 2022 | Rehab

Types of Addiction Treatment Professionals

It is tough to admit to having an alcohol or drug problem but it is even tougher to recover. Overcoming addiction can be made easy with the help of trained addiction professionals who treat individuals with alcohol and substance use problems.

Types of Addiction Professionals

During rehab, a patient will usually meet many addiction professionals. These professionals will have different skillsets and names. Licensed professionals have completed specific education, supervised work and testing.

  1. Interventionist

An interventionist’s job is to persuade individuals who are seeking treatment for addiction and substance use. Before designing a plan and executing it, they first meet and train with family and friends.

Certified national drug & alcohol interventionists (CNDAI) and Certified intervention professionals (CIPs) have a minimal amount of education or work experience. They are not licensed but may have other licensed credentials.

  • Education: None required
  • Certification: CIP by The Pennsylvania Certification Board, PCB; CNDAI by The National Association of Drug and Alcohol Interventionists, NADAI
  • Licensing: None required
  • What they do: Persuade an individual to seek treatment and plan interventions
  1. Addiction Counselor

In a patient’s recovery journey, addiction counsellors play an important role as they are more than therapists.

  • Education: Associate degree, bachelor’s degree or master’s degree
  • Certification: Alcohol and Drug Counselor, ADC, by the International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium, IC&RC; AADC by IC&RC; National Certified Addiction Counselor I & II, NCAC I & II, by the National Certification Commission for Addiction Professionals, NCC AP; or the MAC, by NCC AP
  • Licensing: Yes, by state
  • What they do: Give advice, support
  • Other names: Substance use disorder counselors, alcohol and drug counselors, substance abuse counselors and chemical dependency professionals
  1. Addiction Psychiatrist

These are medical doctors who specialize in addiction medicine. They study the physical and mental aspects of mental health plus addiction.

  1. Behavioral Health Technician

They assist doctors in providing hands-on care. They can be found in mental health facilities, hospitals, treatment centers and more.

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree
  • Certification: AAPT
  • Licensing: Only in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Kansas and Missouri
  • What they do: Carry out doctor’s orders and provide hands-on care
  • Other names: Paraprofessionals, psychiatric technicians, and mental health technicians
  1. Life Coach

A life coach assists people in getting their lives back. They are also called executive coaches, recovery coaches and enrichment specialists.

  • Education: Varies
  • Certification: CCE, IAC, ICF and others
  • Licensing: None
  • What they do: Help recovering patients implement plans to prevent relapse

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