Advantages Of Attending Residential Treatment At Taylor Recovery

May 30, 2022 | Rehab

There are two types of addiction treatment programs usually offered by reputed rehab centers – inpatient or residential treatment and outpatient treatment. A residential program begins after completing detox and enables you to reside in the facility until you are fully recovered. Whereas an outpatient program will give you the liberty to stay at home and cater to regular responsibilities along with dedicating a few hours of your day to addiction treatment. 

Outpatient treatment is a good option for those who do not suffer from severe addiction. These patients do not require constant assistance. Just a few hours of therapy and treatment will do its job. But patients suffering from severe addiction require continuous surveillance by the experts. These patients face serious withdrawal symptoms and hence, need constant support from their caregivers. If not attended properly, such patients can easily relapse.

Therefore, if you are facing serious addiction issues, you should go for an inpatient or residential treatment program. Let us learn more about residential treatment and its benefits. 

Short-Term Residential Treatment 

Residential treatment begins after completing the detox process. A patient attending residential treatment is moved to a safe and stable living environment. These patients are under constant observation, and the staff is always ready to assist them whenever needed. 

During treatment, the patients learn different skills and tools which will help them overcome the urge to consume addictive substances. The patients are asked to set personal goals, which they try to achieve with the help of experts. The luxurious amenities and comfortable accommodations add up to their speedy recovery. 

Understanding The Need For Residential Treatment 

Residential treatment is essential for those people who suffer from intense addiction and cannot detox on their own. If you or anyone whom you know is suffering from addiction, you might want to consider residential treatment if you observe the following: 

  • Display strong urges to consume drugs and alcohol
  • Display consequential addictive behavior 
  • Struggling to manage withdrawal symptoms and might relapse 
  • Have pre-existing medical issues which can interfere with the process of recovery 

If you observe any of these, it’s best to approach a rehab center and enroll in an inpatient treatment program. 

Advantages Of Residential Treatment 

A residential treatment program has several benefits like:

  • 24 by 7 assistance from the experts 
  • 34 hours dedicated to group therapy every week
  • 1 hour of personal therapy session every week
  • World-class, luxurious amenities along with comfortable accommodation 

With all these benefits, residential rehab won’t be as difficult as it seems. 

Enrolling At Taylor Recovery 

Taylor Recovery in Houston, Texas is your best option if you are planning to enroll in residential rehab. We promise to provide the highest quality of treatments and therapies to all our patients along with a comfortable stay to make them feel at home. Contact us now to get more details about our enrollment process and begin your journey towards a lifetime of sobriety.