Alcohol Addiction and Its Treatment

Jan 9, 2023 | Rehab

Alcohol is a socially accepted beverage and several people consume it on different occasions. That’s also one of the reasons why alcohol addiction can go unnoticed. Continuous consumption of alcohol can be a bigger problem than it seems. It can lead to multiple physical and mental health issues. 

Therefore, knowing and understanding the signs of alcohol addiction becomes very important. Identifying alcohol addiction on time can help you receive the right treatment. Let’s read more about alcohol addiction and how can it be treated

Signs of Alcohol Addiction 

Alcohol addiction can never go unnoticed. However, if the addiction is at an early stage, it might be hard to notice. Therefore, to identify alcohol addiction in a loved one, you can look for the following signs: 

  1. Drinking more than usual 
  2. Unable to discontinue the pattern of drinking 
  3. Unsuccessful attempts at quitting alcohol 
  4. Planning too many activities that involve drinking 
  5. Frequent hangovers after drinking 
  6. Spending a lot of time around alcohol 
  7. Neglecting responsibilities 
  8. Unable to stop despite knowing the side effects of alcohol 
  9. Craving alcohol at all times
  10. Lying about their drinking 

If you observe any of these signs or other unusual behavior in a loved one, be sure to address the issue with them. Chances are they might already know about the problem but wouldn’t know how to tackle it. You can be of help here. 

Stages of Alcohol Addiction 

Alcohol addiction does not happen overnight. It creeps on in three stages. Those are: 

  1. Early stage 
  • Occasionally skipping school or work 
  • Neglecting responsibilities 
  • Drinking more than usual 
  • Drinking frequently 
  1. Middle stage 
  • Blackouts and extreme hangovers 
  • Vomiting 
  • Alcohol cravings 
  • Withdrawal when sober 
  • Hiding and lying about drinking 
  1. End-stage 
  • Serious physical and mental health problems 
  • Severe withdrawal when trying to quit 
  • Missing work or school regularly 

If anyone is in the last or the end-stage of alcohol addiction, they require urgent help. The only help possible at this stage is addiction treatment. You can bring them to a rehab center for an alcohol addiction treatment program. 

Treating Alcohol Addiction 

The treatment begins with detox, where every trace of alcohol is eliminated from the system. As the detox proceeds, the withdrawal symptoms also come along. However, these can be handled safely with the help of professionals at the rehab center. 

You can send your loved one to our rehab facility-Taylor Recovery, Texas. Contact our team today to get more details about the program.