Alcohol Rehab Serving Dallas, Texas

Jun 7, 2023 | Rehab

Alcohol addiction is one of the most common types of substance addiction in our country. Since alcohol is a legal and socially accepted drink, getting hooked on it is easy. You may have your first drink at a friend’s party or home with your dad. But what starts with one drink often turns into a full-fledged addiction. 

Once addicted, all you can think of is alcohol. You begin to plan ways to visit the bar, or simply bring a bottle of wine home. Nobody will question you until your habit begins to affect your life and also that of others around you. Hence, to prevent complications in your and your loved ones’ lives, try to quit alcohol today! 

How do I Know if My Drinking is Problematic? 

Most people delay treatment simply because they were unaware of their addiction. However, that shouldn’t be the case with you. Here are some signs of alcohol addiction that will help you be sure of your addiction: 

  1. You need large quantities of alcohol than usual to feel the same effects 
  2. Withdrawal symptoms like nausea, anxiety, insomnia, etc. occur when you try to quit or slow down 
  3. You consume alcohol for longer hours than intended 
  4. You fail to quit or slow down even when trying so hard 
  5. Most of your time is spent drinking and recovering from the effects of alcohol 
  6. You have withdrawn from activities you once loved 
  7. You aren’t able to stop drinking despite its negative effects on your health 

All these and many more point toward full-blown alcohol addiction. If you are already addicted, you would also likely be suffering from several health issues:

  • Memory loss 
  • High blood pressure 
  • Heart diseases 
  • Cancer 
  • Stomach problems 
  • Brain damage 
  • Liver and kidney damage 

It is a nightmare to live with all these problems. Therefore, the professionals suggest seeking addiction treatment before it’s too late. 

Undergoing Alcohol Detox at Taylor Recovery 

Detox is the first step of any substance addiction treatment program. It requires you to completely abstain from alcohol until your mind and body get used to sobriety. The journey through detox is not easy. It involves experiencing withdrawal symptoms. 

However, with the help of professionals at Taylor Recovery, you can recover without any major complications. Serving in Dallas, Texas, Taylor Recovery is a preferred rehab for many. You too can be a part of our program. Contact us now to enroll and live a healthy life!