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Jun 13, 2023 | Rehab

Alcohol abuse has become one of the biggest health concerns in the United States. Research done in 2017 states that about 12% of the adult population in our country struggles with alcohol use disorder. As the researches continue, more and more people are observed to have some problem regarding alcohol abuse. This alarming situation also points toward a rising number of deaths due to alcohol. 

Such a condition must not be overlooked. Thus, rehabs like Taylor Recovery offer specialized treatment programs for people willing to overcome their alcohol abuse. Continue reading to learn more about alcohol abuse and its treatment

What Counts as Alcohol Abuse? 

Consuming alcohol casually is quite normal for the citizens of our country. That’s also one of the reasons for these rising cases of alcohol abuse. What starts as a few drinks at an event can end up becoming a problem later. But where do we draw a line? How do we know the difference between casual drinking and abusive drinking? 

Well, there are ways to identify that. Mentioned below are three major types of abusive drinking: 

  1. Excessive or heavy drinking 

You can consider an individual a heavy drinker if they consume 15 drinks in a week as a male. However, as a female, the limit is 8 drinks per week. When the consumption becomes more regular, it can be identified as excessive or heavy drinking. 

  1. Alcohol abuse 

As the name suggests, alcohol abuse is drinking more frequently and in large amounts. Drinking of this kind begins to interfere with the user’s daily life, work, relationships, etc. One common reason for abuse observed is to cope with sadness. Also, underage drinking falls under the same category. 

  1. Binge drinking 

This sort of drinking includes consuming large quantities of alcohol in a short time. For example, drinking a lot on the weekends. Such behavior is typical for collegegoers who spend most of their weekend drinking and recovering from the effects of alcohol. 

Consuming alcohol in any of these manners can soon turn into alcohol addiction. Thus, if you have realized that your drinking is abusive, plan and consult a professional immediately. Professional assistance can help prevent your addiction and treat the issues you already have. 

Join Taylor Recovery for Alcohol Addiction Treatment 

Alcohol addiction treatment is an elaborate process that needs to be practiced under supervision. Taylor Recovery is one such place you can visit. We are serving in Dallas, Texas. Contact us now to begin treatment today!