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May 18, 2023 | Rehab

Many people in the US, including Texas struggle with alcohol addiction. A survey also mentions that over a million people struggle with the issue each year in Texas. So what aids in this rising number of alcohol addiction cases? 

One of the major reasons alcohol addiction cases are rising is its social acceptance. Also, it is legal to buy and drink alcohol. This makes it easily accessible and even easier to consume. As a result, more and more people are giving in to this deadly alcohol addiction. 

Here are some more facts about alcohol that are worth knowing: 

  1. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, alcohol is the third major cause of preventable deaths in our country. 
  2. About 15 million adults struggle with alcohol use disorder in our country. 
  3. Texas ranks among the top 5 states in the US with leading alcohol addiction cases. 
  4. Alcohol addiction is a deadly, yet treatable condition. 

Considering these facts, it becomes important to learn more about alcohol addiction and its treatment

Stages of Alcohol Addiction 

Alcohol addiction or alcoholism can be divided into 5 major stages. Beginning with: 

  1. Early alcoholism 

It is also known as the adaptive stage as you begin to develop a tolerance against the substance. Your mind and body begin to adapt to the presence of alcohol in your system. However, there are no visible signs of addiction at this stage yet. 

  1. Middle stage 

This is also the destructive stage of alcohol. You no longer drink for pleasure, but to forget your pain and miseries. Also, withdrawal symptoms begin to surface when you are sober even for a short while. Some might even experience blackouts and other issues. 

  1. Late stage 

You can also call this a denial stage of addiction as you would be denying to having an addiction. However, your physical and mental health would surely display signs of damage. You may even suffer from illnesses as your immune system would be suppressed. 

Treatment at any stage is possible. All you need to do is ask for it. Hence, visit a rehab at the earliest and save yourselves from deadly consequences. 

How to Identify a Drinking Problem? 

You can consider the following signs to identify alcohol addiction: 

  1. Losing control over your alcohol consumption 
  2. Craving alcohol at any time of the day 
  3. Prioritizing alcohol over other duties 
  4. Frequent blackouts 
  5. Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when sober 
  6. Neglecting other health issues 

If you too are going through similar changes, be sure to seek professional assistance. You can visit Taylor Recovery, the best rehab serving the people of Dallas, Texas. Our programs have helped many and wish to help you too! Hence, join us today and begin your recovery journey soon!