How Does Alcoholism Affect the Family?

Mar 29, 2022 | General TRC Information

According to a 2019 survey by National Survey of Drug Use and Family, 14.5 million people who are aged between 12 and above were living under alcohol use disorder. What is more concerning is the fact that around 414,000 of the youths who are addicted to alcohol are in the ages between 12 to 17. 

So, how does Alcohol and its dependency affect the family? Let us try to find out:

#1. Strained Relationships

Whether it’s a marriage, a brother, a parent or any loved one, alcohol can lead to strained relationships. Several research papers have found out that alcohol increases the chance of engaging in verbal aggression by two-fold. This causes a lot of aggression between the people and causes a rift. Researchers have also found out that the chances of a physical altercation goes up by four-fold. 

#2. Issues with Children

The parents who are alcoholics develop a strained relationship with their children. It creates an environment of abuse and neglect. The emotional development of a child is seriously struck and spoils their lives. Not only this, neglect during your childhood can cause serious issues in adult life. 

#3. Detriment to finances

Alcohol abuse can be expensive to the finances of the family. A person who is addicted to alcohol will spend an enormous amount of money on buying alcohol. Although it depends on the type of alcohol, the amount of money can range to hundreds of dollars each week. It means that spending money on other aspects of life is greatly reduced. Therefore, the standard of life also suffers and causes a serious detriment to the development of a human being. 

#4. Neglection of self-care

When a person suffers from alcoholism, the entire attention of the family is drawn towards the patient. The family comes together and helps the person to overcome it. However, this leads to the family neglecting their own self-care and their health. This often leads to problems in their own lives. They feel stressed and overwhelmed taking care of the person in ill-health. 

It may also happen that the level of family care offered proves to be detrimental to the addict. It is because they might be enabling their behavior. It worsens the condition and leads to a total breakdown in the family. Therefore, people stress more on therapy rather than family care. 

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