Alcohol’s Effects On The Body: An Overview

Apr 3, 2022 | Rehab

Ever had a hangover? If yes, then you would be well aware of all that happens during that phase. Pounding headache, lights appealing too bright, difficulty to open the eyes and a major regret. All these are the unpleasant feelings that follow the pleasant drunk state of alcohol. These are also the signs indicating the damage it is causing to our bodies. Alcohol affects several organs of our body, though not all at once, but you will suffer from several problems one day. 

Here is a detailed explanation of how every vital organ of our body is affected due to alcohol. Maybe this will help you quit sooner. 

The Brain

It has been researched that alcohol can reduce the amount of hippocampus in our brain. It is the part that is linked with learning and memorizing abilities. It further reduces the attention span, makes you mentally slow with tempered focus and multitasking abilities. 

The Heart

Nearly one person dies every 36 seconds due to a heart disease caused by alcohol. Alcohol is a fatal substance for our hearts. It damages the heart muscle to such an extent that it loses the repair itself. Alcohol consumption can also increase the chances of stroke, high blood pressure, and irregular heartbeat. 

The Liver

The liver is a very important part of our body, along with the heart and brain. It helps the body clear itself from toxins and infections, helps digestion, and has a magical power to heal and regenerate itself. But alcohol consumption steals away this magic from the liver, making it weak. It causes diseases like fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, and liver cirrhosis. 

Disease Formation

Alcohol consumption also weakens our immune system or our body’s ability to fight against diseases. People addicted to alcohol are prone to getting sick frequently as their immune system is not functioning correctly. Alcohol can also cause cancer of the neck, heart, esophagus, breasts, liver, rectum, and colon. It has also been proved that regular drinkers are also likely to get infected with the COVID – 19 virus faster than a non – drinkers. 

Risks Of Accidents

Alcohol brings a lot of risk of meeting accidents. As our senses are not functioning normally when drunk, engaging in activities like driving when drunk can lead to a hazardous road accident. 

Getting Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Now that you know about all the harmful effects of alcohol, it is time for you to seek treatment for your addiction. Contact Taylor Recovery now to know more about alcohol addiction treatment and begin your new life today.