All You Need to Know About Alcohol Rehab 

Jun 22, 2023 | Rehab

Alcohol abuse is among the leading causes of preventable deaths in the U.S. Millions of citizens get hooked to the substance each year. Not only does this disrupt their health but also affects people around them. Thus, it is essential to end the problem as soon as possible. The best way to overcome alcohol abuse is by attending alcohol rehab

Alcohol rehab is a process of treating alcohol use disorder in a safe and supervised manner. The process includes multiple treatments and therapies. You can learn more about the same in the blog below. 

Detox: The First Step of the Process 

Detox or medical detox is the first step of the rehab process. It begins with eliminating the use of alcohol. As you cut down on the substance, your body starts to flush out the toxins. Meanwhile, your detox, mind, and body also start to readjust to sobriety. 

During this phase, you experience a range of withdrawal symptoms. These can be of different intensity for every patient. However, certain symptoms remain common such as: 

  1. Vomiting and nausea 
  2. Sweating 
  3. Irregular heartbeat 
  4. Changes in blood pressure 
  5. Shakiness 
  6. Insomnia 
  7. Hallucinations 
  8. Depression 
  9. Delirium tremens 
  10. Anxiety 

If these symptoms seem too severe, the experts can prescribe a few medicines to ease the process. This is known as medical detox. 

How Do I Know if I Need Detox? 

Determining the need for detox is not easy for everyone. However, some common signs indicating the need for detox are: 

  1. You experience withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit or slow down on alcohol 
  2. You need more amount of alcohol to feel the usual effects 
  3. You experience cravings when you are sober 
  4. You have more than one unsuccessful attempt to quit 
  5. Alcohol is causing problems in your personal and professional life 

If these conditions are true for you, then yes, detox is needed. Experts advise undergoing detox at the earliest to prevent severe consequences. 

Therapies and Treatments Included in a Rehab Program 

Alcohol rehab includes multiple treatments and therapies to treat your addiction. Those therapies and treatments are: 

  1. Inpatient program 
  2. Outpatient Program 
  3. Medical detox 
  4. Behavioral therapies (CBT and DBT)
  5. Family therapy 
  6. Group and individual counseling 

Additionally, you may even participate in recreational activities to boost your recovery. 

Alcohol Rehab at Taylor Recovery 

Taylor Recovery offers an effective alcohol rehab program serving Dallas, Texas. Our program is supervised by experts, which means it is safe and 100% effective. Contact us now to schedule a visit!