All you Need to Know About Xanax Withdrawal 

Apr 30, 2023 | Rehab

Xanax is an effective medication to relieve anxiety and panic disorders. However, prolonged consumption of Xanax often leads to addiction. But the good part about this is that treatment is available. Xanax addiction treatment involves a phase called withdrawal. It is the readjustment period for your mind and body. Read ahead to know more about the same. 

Phases of Xanax Withdrawal 

Withdrawal is a phase where your mind and body readjust themselves to normalcy or the absence of the drug. This phase is further divided into three sub-phases, namely: 

  1. Immediate withdrawal 

Also, called rebound symptoms, occur during the initial stage of withdrawal. The symptoms experienced during this phase are mainly the ones that were once treated by the drug, anxiety for instance. 

  1. Acute withdrawal 

This phase follows right after immediate withdrawal. The symptoms of acute withdrawal are observed to last for a few days. However, in certain cases, they can also for about weeks or months. 

  1. Protracted withdrawal 

The symptoms of withdrawal usually fade away by the end of the acute withdrawal phase. However, they can enter protracted withdrawal in certain cases. This is the longest sub-phase of withdrawal and can go on for about a year or more. A few common symptoms observed during this sub-phase are: 

  • Impaired focus 
  • Reduced sexual drive 
  • Acute anxiety 
  • Insomnia 
  • Mood swings 
  • Depression 

Once entered in the protracted withdrawal phase, your quality of life is disrupted and you can observe other negative changes too. Thus, it is always advised to seek professional assistance and avoid a protracted withdrawal stage. 

Timeline of Xanax Withdrawal 

The timeline of Xanax withdrawal depends on more than one factor: 

  • Length of your Xanax use 
  • Amount of Xanax consumed at once or the dosage 
  • Abusing the prescription or illegally consuming the drug 
  • Using other substances like alcohol or marijuana along with Xanax 
  • Underlying health conditions, if any 

The timeline of Xanax withdrawal goes as follows: 

  1. First 6 to 12 hours 

You may experience irritability and anxiety after 6 to 12 hours from your last dose. This marks the beginning of the withdrawal process.

  1. Next 1 to 4 days 

This is the peak of withdrawal when you are likely to experience symptoms like insomnia, sweating, shaking, muscle ache, etc. 

  1. Coming 7 to 14 days 

A majority of the withdrawal symptoms begin to fade away by the 7th day. However, certain symptoms can last a little longer depending on certain factors. 

  1. Day 15 and onwards 

If any symptoms are still experienced, they will mostly be mild and manageable. 

However, if you still face any difficulty after the 15th day, seeking professional assistance can help. 

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