Anhedonia-a Disorder Experienced During Recovery

Sep 10, 2022 | Rehab

Anhedonia is a disorder where a person is unable to feel pleasure. This is also a common diorder often observed among patients recovering from addiction. The recovery process isn’t a pleasant experience due to the withdrawal symptoms but it gets better with time. 

However, there are a few patients who cannot feel the pleasure of getting better at all. That’s when anhedonia comes into the picture. Let’s know more about the disorder. 

Anhedonia and its Treatment 

Continuous consumption of drugs and alcohol forces your brain to be dependent on the substances to produce dopamine-the happy hormone. But by the time you detox, your brain has lost the ability to produce dopamine naturally. As a result, you do not feel happy and pleasant in little things like having a chocolate or watching a movie. When this issue pertains, it is known as anhedonia. 

Anhedonia is challenging to treat but not impossible. Therefore, to help the patients overcome anhedonia, the therapists use the following methods:

  • Informing patients about the disorder so they can be aware of their condition 
  • Motivating them to get through tough times 
  • Encouraging them to build close and strong relationships 
  • Suggesting a few activities to pass their time
  • Motivating them to challenge the negative thoughts
  • Asking them to foster healthy behaviors

We understand that recovery isn’t an easy phase, but you need to have the motivation and will to get better. You can practice activities that give you pleasure or simply bring your pets to rehab to keep you motivated and positive. 

Pet Therapy at Taylor Recovery

Taylor Recovery gives you the option to bring your pets along for the recovery. They’re a great way to overcome anhedonia during recovery. 

We are also happy to help the people of Fort Worth, Texas. Contact our team now to know more about our pet-friendly rehabs.