Attend Integrated Treatment Program For Co-occurring Disorders 

Jun 23, 2022 | Rehab

There is a close interconnection between mental health illness and substance use disorder. Both often occur simultaneously in an individual. Some can identify both the issues, whereas, some can’t. For the ones who cannot identify both the problems, the rehab centers can help them by running assessments. If they test positive, they are suffering from co-occurring disorders. 

Co-occurring disorders demand to be treated simultaneously, hence, the experts use a therapy called dual diagnosis treatment. It caters to both conditions and helps the individual overcome both at the same time. 

Why do they Co-Occur? 

There are various reasons behind developing co-occurring disorders. It can happen due to: 

  • Similar risk factors for both the conditions 
  • Genetics which can prompt the issue 
  • Untreated or unmanaged mental health conditions leading the individual to self-medicate with substances 
  • Prolonged substance abuse affects the areas of the brain causing mental health issues

How is Treating Co-Occurring Disorders Beneficial?

Anyone suffering from mental health conditions or addiction issues often lives a challenging life. This is even more challenging for anyone with both conditions. Hence, treating co-occurring disorders is very important. Studies show that patients enrolling for integrated care are more engaged with the recovery process. Also, they have a higher chance of maintaining sobriety for life. They can do this simply because they have learned various ways to avoid triggers and cope with difficult situations which can lead them to a relapse. 

What to Expect From a Co-occurring Disorder Treatment Program?

A co-occurring disorder treatment program includes a variety of treatments and therapies. Those are: 

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy alter the patient’s thought process in a way that supports recovery and sobriety. 
  • Individual and group therapy help the patients gain and give support during the challenging phases of recovery.

Patients can choose from an inpatient or outpatient treatment program as per their needs. They can also customize any program to cater to their specific needs. 

Patients at Taylor Recovery in Katy, Texas are offered the following options: 

  • Intensive outpatient treatment 
  • Medically-supervised detox 
  • Residential treatment 
  • Aftercare 

Anyone suffering from co-occurring disorders should not go through it alone and seek help from our professionals at Taylor Recovery. The professionals are ready to help every patient in their recovery. Contact us now and sign up for an integrated treatment program today!