Tips To Help You Win The Battle Against Cross Addiction

Apr 10, 2022 | General TRC Information

People are aware about the terms like dual diagnosis or co – occurring disorders but the term cross addiction remains unknown. The term cross addiction means replacing a previous addiction over drugs or alcohol with some other addictive substance. This could mainly happen after a rehab treatment. To avoid relapsing over some other addictive substance soon after the treatment, one can follow the ways listed below. 

  1. Maintain a journal: you can note down about the events that took place during the day in your journal. You can go through the entries and notice which particular actions made you happy, sad or raised an urge to turn back to drugs or alcohol. 
  2. Be honest: always try to be honest and open with your therapists. Talk about all the negative and positive thoughts going in your mind. This will help the therapist understand your troubles better and treat you accurately. 
  3. Find your favorite movement: moving a little like small walks or even dancing and yoga could be a good way to exercise and refresh yourselves. Choose your favorite mode of movement and make yourselves feel better. 
  4. Reach out to the experts: experts are trained to understand your cross addiction behavior and mental illness better. Therefore, reach out to them on time and get the required care. 
  5. Maintain a good diet: consume healthy food items like vegetables, rice, bread, etc. to give your body the required nutrients. When the body gets healthy food, it recovers faster. 
  6. Be kind to yourselves: be kind and have positive thoughts in your mind. Listen to good stories or music to maintain positivity. Show self – love and kindness to yourselves as it will motivate your brain and body to heal faster. 
  7. Try meeting new people: people around us make a lot of difference in terms of our thoughts and actions. Hence, try meeting new people who you know won’t be a bad influence and won’t let you go near drugs or alcohol again. 
  8. Maintain a sleep schedule: sleeping and waking up regularly at same time brings a lot of positive change to your mental and physical well – being. Hence, maintain a consistent sleeping cycle. 

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