Benefits of a Pet-friendly Rehab Center

Feb 26, 2022 | Pet-friendly

Addiction treatment can be of different types and centers adopt various approaches to treat their patients. For some of them, finding a pet friendly center can be important. They can facilitate the patients and act as a catalyst for speeding up the process of healing. 

Hence, we are here to offer you some of the benefits of an animal-friendly rehab center.

Benefits of a pet-friendly rehab center

#1 Stress Relief

People who have pets understand that they can help alleviate stress and anxiety. Undergoing treatment in a rehab center can prove to be stressful. It can cause the patient a lot of second thoughts. Therefore, having your pet by your side can do wonders for your therapy. 

#2 Social Connections

Establishing social connections can be daunting for people who are addicts. This is because they have a tendency to get isolated from society. Having pets can allow the person to let go of any awkwardness and communicate with others. This will open the door for forging friendships who will help you chart your way through recovery, 

 #3 Fighting Cravings

A craving or a trigger are the unavoidable hurdles of addiction treatment. They tend to happen to people who are undergoing addiction and substance abuse treatment. Your pet can help you control such an urge and will also fill you with hope. Withdrawal symptoms are another reality, where your pet can offer you the necessary support. 

#4 Improving Sleep

Addicts, especially in the early days, have a hard time getting sleep and rest. We recognize that getting the necessary rest can allow the body further time to heal. Having a pet by your side can decrease your anxiety, which will help your body relax and get the sleep it needs. 

#5 Keeping the family close

Going to a rehab center for inpatient treatment is also hard because of the lack of family support. These centers do not allow family members to accompany the patients and they often find themselves alone and isolated. However, a pet can be the perfect alternative for such problems. Now, they can be with a close member of their family who can offer support when needed. Since a pet offers affection and companionship, they can do wonders for the overall therapy process. So, call us now to explore more!