Are You Allowed To Bring Pets To Rehab?

Mar 8, 2022 | Pet-friendly

There are lots of people who suffer from substance abuse. For them, the love and support that they derive from their pets cannot be overstated. This relationship might be hard to let go if you are thinking that you need to undergo rehab. 

Though most rehab centers do not allow for the pets to be on-site, the attitude towards pets in rehab is changing. Rehab centers are taking a positive stance towards pets as research has unearthed benefits of having pets. 

How to find out if your rehab is pet-friendly

The policies of having pets inside the treatment facility varies differently. The best option is to contact the admissions counselor and directly ask whether pets are allowed. You can also check out the webpage of the facility to find out more about their policy. 

Even if pets are allowed, there can be some other restrictions. This can include restrictions on the type of pet, breed or even sizes. So, make sure to check out the whole info before registering yourself. 

Benefits of Pet-friendly addiction treatment

As research has shown, pets can be a great companion in your lives. They can uplift your mood, reduce feelings of loneliness and alleviate anxiety. However, their usefulness in addiction treatment is also gaining headway as new methods are being discovered. Here are a few benefits of enrolling in a pet-friendly treatment center:

  • Improved Attitude: Many research initiatives have showcased the emotional effects of having a pet during treatment. As rehab can be hard, this improved attitude towards life will go a long way in stopping abusive consumption. Further, by caring for a pet, the person will also boost their own self-esteem. 
  • Relaxation: The physical and mental responses of a person also undergoes a seismic change in the presence of a loving animal. This is heavily required during addiction treatment as the clients need to relax. Since they lead to lesser secretion of the stress-causing hormones, it can go a long way in helping you get through rehab. 
  • Building good habits: Drug abuse is a habit, which is hard to let go. Plus, you have to replace it with good habits. Pets can help you make formidable habits such as walking, grooming and feeding. 
  • Social connections: Pets can help you transition back into society by denouncing isolatory practices adopted by addicts. 

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