Can my Job and Alcohol Addiction Treatment go together?  

Jun 3, 2023 | Rehab

Alcohol addiction is a rising health concern. Millions of people are getting hooked on the substance each year. Out of them, hardly a few manage to seek treatment. Undergoing alcohol detox and addiction treatment is necessary to bring your life back on track.

To fulfill this cause, Taylor Recovery offers an effective alcohol addiction treatment program. But before you enroll in the program, let us first learn more about the substance and its addiction. 

The Process of Addiction 

Alcohol addiction does not develop overnight. Neither is it the same for everyone. The best way to identify your alcohol addiction is by questioning yourself. You must ask yourself, “Is drinking affecting my life and others around me?” If the answer is yes, then yes your alcohol consumption has become problematic. How did that happen though? 

The process of alcohol addiction is similar to any other substance addiction. Repeated consumption of alcohol forces your brain to develop a dependency on the substance. Your brain needs alcohol to function normally. This is when addiction sparks. As time passes, you cannot go even a day without alcohol. Soon, the problem becomes worse with evolving health consequences. When you notice health issues, that’s a sign to seek treatment.

Consequences of Consuming Alcohol  

Alcohol, when consumed beyond a certain limit can be dangerous for your health. It poses health risks like: 

  • Depression 
  • Seizures 
  • Hypertension 
  • Permanent liver and kidney damage 
  • Anxiety 

You may also face other consequences, besides health like: 

  • Engaging in legal matters 
  • Relationship problems 
  • Losing friends and family 
  • Financial crisis 
  • Deteriorating performance at work and school 

How do you Identify Alcohol Addiction? 

Identifying alcohol addiction is not so difficult. You can consider the following symptoms to confirm your addiction: 

  1. Making excuses to drink 
  2. Drinking fast to feel the effects 
  3. Drinking at odd hours in the day 
  4. Unable to avoid alcohol at social events 
  5. Blackouts after every drinking session 
  6. Morning shakes 

You may even notice people showing concern over your drinking. When this happens, it is a sure sign of addiction and you must seek treatment immediately. 

How do I Seek Treatment Without Losing My Job? 

Seeking inpatient treatment while working can be difficult. However, not anymore if you join our outpatient program at Taylor Recovery. The program is carefully designed for patients who wish to continue their job while seeking treatment. Become a part of it now! 

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