Cat friendly drug rehab centers in Houston, TX

Mar 5, 2022 | Pet-friendly

Research has shown that pets can prove to be instrumental in forming a healthy outlook towards life. Their presence and importance during drug rehab can act as a facilitator in the goal of becoming sober and healthy. 

We all require companionship in our lives. A pet companion helps you alleviate stress, anxiety and depression. These symptoms are regularly shown by people who are undergoing drug dependence treatment. This is where your furry companions can help you take the successive steps towards well-being. Cats have shown a lot of promise for people who are taking therapy sessions. 

First of all, we have to realize the immense emotional and mental pressure that a person undergoes while being in a rehab center. There are several hurdles that one has to overcome while being on this journey of recovery. Hence, going into a rehab center, which allows pets would go a long way in ensuring that your journey is successful. 

What to expect in a rehab center in Houston?

Entering into a rehab center can prove to be the most difficult decision of your life. However, be sure that it is the right one. Living a healthy life and being kind to your body is the biggest asset. But, undertaking this decision is not an easy one. Rest assured there will be roadblocks in the form of anxiety, depression and feelings of uncertainty. Having your cat by your side to accompany you on this journey can help you battle these roadblocks. 

The presence of your cat in the treatment process is conducive for your growth in treating your addiction. These treatment centers will also allow the client to bring their cats or any pet to the treatment. They help you channel the process of rehab through your pets. 

In these places, after 30 days of treatment, people are allowed to leave the premises for a certain amount of hours. This allows the clients to meet up with their other loved ones and spend time with them. But, there are also out-of-state clients who do not have a local family to support them. 

So, having a cat at your rehab center will do wonders for the process of recovery. We suggest to people who do not have a local family to bring a pet with them. Call us now to learn more!