Categories of Alcohol Abuse and its Treatment 

Jun 9, 2023 | Rehab

Alcohol addiction is a chronic health condition. It completely alters the processing of your brain and negatively affects your physical health. Alcohol addiction is also seen to interfere with people’s behavior. Not only this, but your addiction also interferes with the lives of people around you. Thus, you need to seek help immediately. 

Also, alcohol abuse is not similar in all cases. It varies from individual to individual. Thus, the experts have categorized alcohol abuse into different categories. You can read more about the same in this blog below. 

Types of Alcohol Abuse 

Alcohol addiction or abuse is not the same for all. There are 5 different types of alcohol abuse. You can know them as: 

  1. Young adult type 

This includes individuals around the age of 20. They display impulsive behavior. However, they do not drink every day. These individuals mainly binge drink twice or more times a week. Their drinking sessions majorly happen at social events, concerts, college events, etc. 

  1. Young antisocial type 

This type of abuse begins at the young age of 15. The individuals fitting this category of abuse drink mainly because of their antisocial personality disorder. Abuse of this kind is impulsive and the user is ignorant of the dangers of alcohol. 

  1. Functional type 

Such a kind of abuse is common among people with high incomes. They mainly engage in binge drinking every other day. Their drinking does not affect their relationships. The major reason for these people to abuse alcohol is to cope with work stress. 

  1. Intermediate familial type 

As the name suggests, this type has a lot to do with the family. Drinking under this category usually begins at the age of 17 and the reason for it is family issues. Any member of the family with either a history of alcohol abuse or ongoing alcohol addiction can spark the abuse. 

  1. Chronic severe type 

This is the most severe form of alcohol abuse. Individuals, mainly men fitting in this category suffer from severe health complications. Also, they are seen to abuse other drugs like cocaine and marijuana along with alcohol. Besides health consequences, this type of abuse is also associated with a higher divorce rate. 

Seek Professional Help Today!

Do you fit in any of these types of alcohol abuse? If yes, then it is time to seek professional help. 

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