Conveying the News About your Recovery to Others

Nov 29, 2022 | Rehab

Addiction is still a matter of taboo and people don’t prefer talking about it much. It’s even worse if you are the one suffering from addiction. You are lucky if you have supportive friends and family members. But it can be challenging to convey your situation if you have unsupportive people around you. It can be difficult for you to even ask for help in that case. 

Therefore, to make your task easy, we have compiled a few ways that you can use to tell people about your addiction and recovery. 

Whom To Inform? 

This is a valid and the first question that can pop up. We believe that addiction recovery is a private matter and you do not need to broadcast it. It is up to you whom to tell and whom to keep secret. However, the important people in your life deserve to know. These include: 

  1. Family members 
  2. Close friends 
  3. Close colleagues 
  4. Boss or manager 

How to Convey the News? 

Now, this is another struggle. It takes a lot of courage to admit your addiction and recover. You never know how everyone will react. Therefore, to help you, we have listed a few examples of how you convey this news to other people. 

  1. In the case of your colleagues, you can tell them in a polite way that you have stopped drinking. 
  2. If you are meeting your extended family for the holidays, it’s better to tell them about your situation. Not in detail but only what you feel is important. 
  3. If you’re going out with your friends for a party, just tell them about your sobriety and have a glass of mocktail in your hand so no one hands you alcohol. 

The best way to convey is to politely say no to any offerings and then fill them in with the necessary information if needed. 
Suppose you have any other friend or family member struggling with addiction like you, advice them to visit Taylor Recovery. We assure to help them in the best possible way. Contact us now to schedule an appointment.