Counseling and Recovery

Mar 9, 2015 | General TRC Information

“Recognizing that you may need help in relationships, with an addiction, or just to build your self-image is the first step on the road to recovery.  Counseling is an excellent way to take you on down the path.”
– Arrella Demonti

Here at the Taylor Recovery Center we understand that recovery is a multi-dimensional process. For this reason we offer our clients a wide variety of tools to utilize in order to best support their personal recovery. One of these beneficial and powerful tools is one on one counseling with a licensed professional.

It is well known that counseling is a tool that promotes and reinforces the recovery process. According to Drug and Alcohol Recovery Magazine these benefits include “teaching patients the skill necessary skills to stop using alcohol or drugs and avoid relapse, improving motivation for recovery, encouraging participation in support groups, using positive incentives to help facilitate behavioral change and involving family members in the recovery process”.  In addition to these benefits, counseling allows for an environment where past and current trauma can be safely treated. As a result of one on one therapy our clients are empowered by having greater confidence and self-esteem as well as having better relationships with others.

Our clients are encouraged to choose a professional counselor who they feel comfortable and secure with to aid in the healing process. Out of the large number of licensed professionals available in the Houston area we at Taylor Recovery our proud to offer our clients the opportunity to work with three experienced and well qualified licensed professionals to work with; Pat Peterson, LCDC, Michelle Carey-Redic, MA LCDC and Linda Kagey LCDC. Each of our counselors has a unique approach enabling them to address each individual case as needed.

For our clients interested in counseling, Pat Peterson, LCDC offers on site one on one sessions Monday and Tuesday. On Monday nights Pat holds a community meeting in which the entire community participates. Pat’s meetings consist of a wide variety of topics ranging from anger management and substance abuse prevention to our clients or their family members sharing their stories.  Michelle Carey-Redic, MA LCDC and Linda Kagey, LCDC offer their counseling services throughout the week on a scheduled basis.

Here at Taylor Recovery we encourage our residents to take advantage of all the tools available as they recreate their lives during the recovery process. Counseling is one of the many effective tools offered at Taylor Recovery that can be accessed by our clients.

Please access our Staff page located on our homepage for more information on each of our well qualified and experienced counselors.