Differentiating between Treatment and Therapy

Aug 26, 2022 | Rehab

You have just realized one of your loved one needs helps to overcome addiction. But what will you choose, recovery or treatment? 

Sounds confusing right? We might often use the terms recovery and treatment interchangeably. But these two have slightly different definitions. Let us find them out in this blog. 

Difference between Treatment and Recovery 

Addiction treatment involves treating the symptoms of addiction in a secure manner which also ensures recovery. Whereas, recovery is following and living a lifestyle free of substances post-treatment. Both the words might seem similar but include different programs. 

Treatment includes: 

  • Inpatient program: provides round-the-clock support to patients suffering from severe addiction. 
  • Outpatient program: offers therapy sessions for patients suffering from mild addiction.  
  • Partial hospitalization: patients need to be partially hospitalized for receiving the treatments.  
  • Holistic treatment: overall care and support for the patients.  

A recovery program includes the following: 

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT: negative thought patterns are altered via therapy to treat behavioral or mood disorders like depression.
  • Dialectal behavioral therapy or DBT: evidence-based therapy used to treat mental illnesses. 
  • 12-step program: program designed to help people abstain from alcohol and drugs.  
  • Matrix model: evidence-based therapies like group therapy, family therapy etc.  
  • Contingency management: a reward-based program to help people achieve sobriety.  

The other major difference between treatment and recovery is that treatment leads to recovery. You may practice the treatments to remain on the path of recovery. 

Treatment and recovery both are necessary to overcome addiction completely. Thus, if you are confused between both, approach a rehab center for a detailed explanation. 

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