Drug and Alcohol Rehab Scams in Houston, TX: How to Avoid It?

Apr 9, 2022 | Rehab

America is undergoing a drug epidemic. The drug problem of the country has affected every community and is spreading. This has prompted a lot of people to get into rehab and detox and work towards a better future. 

In spite of their efforts, there are people out there who wish to take advantage of the misery of people. They run fake rehab centers to fool people out of their money. So, we are here to tell you how to avoid these drug rehab scams.

How do drug rehab scams work?

Most of these rehab scams work after an offer is given to an addict. This offer consists of a promise of high-quality care for their patients. 

However, in reality, these scams are focused towards keeping people for as long as they can. This allows the people to bill the insurance and also obtain government subsidies. 

Signs of a rehab scam

They tend to rely on misinformation and mislead the person to a conclusion about a facility. We are here to provide you with some pointers on how to spot a rehab scam:

  • Minimal Online presence: Take a look at the online presence of a facility. If the facility has no reviews, no happy patients and a minimal presence in the online world, then please conduct more due diligence. 
  • Vague Details: Speak to the representative of the facility on a call and ask about the amenities. The representative should provide you with reliable information, which is specific. 
  • Keep away from referral services: A referral service is designed to match people with the perfect rehab center. Nevertheless, some of these services own their rehab centers and only refer the patients to them. 

Potential Dangers of Rehab Scam

A rehab scam will do everything to ensure that the people do not leave their centers. This is because they want to continue to charge the rehab centers. Firstly, they usually begin by charging a huge amount while accepting the patient into their facility. 

Once you enter rehab, you might end up facing the same circumstances, which prompted you to enter rehab. They travel from one rehab to another without any help. Meanwhile, the rehab center keeps on charging their insurance. 

To avoid these circumstances, choose a verified and dependable therapy center such as Taylor Recovery Center in Houston, TX and begin your life towards recovery.