The Distinctions Between Drug Detox Centers and Drug Rehab Centers

Nov 18, 2022 | Rehab

Substance abuse has always been the number one problem in the US. According to the latest survey, 20.4 million Americans are diagnosed with substance use disorder, and only 10.3% of these numbers received treatments.

But how do people seek treatment if their knowledge of detox and rehab centers is vague? Taylor Recovery will cover the difference between detox and rehab center in this blog to help you understand the treatments that suit your need.

Drug Detox Center

All drug treatment centers will perform medical assessments before recommending your ideal treatment plan. After your medical examinations in a drug detox center, they will start your detoxification.

Detoxification is the first step in every addiction recovery journey. It is when your body eliminates all traces of substances from your body to start its healing. The body can naturally detoxify all harmful substances by defecation, urination, and sweating.

Detoxification may sound simple, but it can be challenging. All forms of drugs or alcohol can make your brain functions abnormal. Long-term dependency can make it rely on those substances, making it feel that substance-induced feel-good hormones are natural. Stopping suddenly from consuming those substances can start havoc on your body, called withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to severe, even fatal. It is why medical professionals do not recommend home detox. It can cause more consequences and more harm. A drug detox center can ensure your safety during detox because a detox center has medical teams that monitor every individual’s detoxification.

Additionally, detox centers provide medical detox to help individuals to overcome detoxification comfortably. Also, a detox center will only require you to stay at least three to ten days to complete your detox.

Drug Rehab Center

On the other hand, a drug rehab center is the second phase in recovery. After detox, individuals can have the option to go to rehab or continue their recovery at home. But studies show that enrolling in a rehab center after detox delivers successful and long-term recovery from substance abuse disorder.

Medical examinations are also required before giving treatment options and plans in a rehab center. Although substances are eliminated from your body by detox, your physical, mental, spiritual, and social life are greatly affected by substance abuse. These aspects are taken care of in a rehab center to deliver holistic treatment for every individual.

In addition, a rehab center will require you to stay at least a month or longer, depending on your case.

Seek Treatment in A Rehab Center Located in Houston, Texas

Drug detox and rehab centers may have differences, but the most important thing is they can help your recovery. If you’re still confused, you can always choose a comprehensive rehab center that offers both Medical Detox and Residential Treatment, like Taylor Recovery.

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