Drug Rehab: What is it Like?

Apr 13, 2022 | General TRC Information

Addiction affects all facets of a person’s life – his mental, physical and behavioural health. However, most people would think that relying on their addiction is the easier option. This is perhaps due to the outdated perception of drug rehab. 

The treatment programs have undergone a paradigm shift in the past few years. They have become more people-centric and put the needs of their patients first. People who are contemplating undergoing rehab can be a little sceptical of the idea. This is why we are here to offer you an insight on what drug rehab is and how it feels. 

What is Drug/Alcohol Rehab like?

The treatment programmes are designed in a way, which allows the person to break free from their addiction routines. It usually involves a mixture of group, one-on-one therapy with a focus on relieving the person from their dependency. Here are some of the way(s) of undertaking drug rehab:

Residential or Inpatient Rehab

An inpatient rehab facility is usually recommended for people suffering from most acute cases of addiction. It is also rare that a person attends an inpatient rehab by choice. They usually find themselves in a facility due to a medical emergency or when a court has ordered them to do the same. 

The type of treatment depends on the level of your addiction. These places are designed to offer you service and treatment around the clock and take care of every need. They offer 24×7 medical assistance to its patients and are based on changing the patterns of addiction. 

Partial Hospitalisation Programs

A PHP is a step down from the residential treatment facility. In most facilities, the first 28 days of the PHP is somewhat similar to the one you receive at a residential facility. During this time, the centre tries to identify the mechanism of your addiction. They try to set up a regimen for recovery and identify the long and short term goals of the person. Once this initial process is done, your family can get involved and you can begin the process of attending therapy on a regular basis. 

Outpatient Treatment

Although outpatient facilities are of different types, it does not involve the patient living inside the facility. The patients visit the facility on a regular basis and undergo therapy sessions, which may be group or one-on-one.