How to Cope With Covid Stress Without Turning To Alcohol?

Feb 23, 2022 | Alcohol Detox

Cope With Covid Stress Without Turning to Alcohol

The Covid-19 induced pandemic has forced many people to adapt to new schedules, new work environments and a different kind of work/family balance. These abrupt shifts can take a negative toll on one’s mental health and can cause some to turn to unhealthy coping methods. A study recently done on 500 South Florida residents revealed that many respondents reported higher rates of drug and alcohol use, as well as impacts to their mental health.

College-Age South Floridians Are Consuming Drugs at Alarming Rates Compared to Other Age Groups

The survey has revealed that college-age adults (18-24 years old) reported drug use at a significantly higher rate than other age groups.

–       Nearly one in three or 27% reported misusing cocaine and prescription opioids. This made them 137% more likely to use cocaine and 75% more likely to use prescription opioids than those 25 or older.

–       With 20% of adults reporting meth use, they were 143% more likely than those over the age of 25. 

–       They were 27% more like to report a “significant” increase and 48% more likely to report an increase in their past-month drug use.

18-24 Year Olds are More Stressed and Bored During Pandemic

Survey participants were asked to identify the biggest reason behind their past-month use and the reasons for their substance use. Recreational/social, stress, coping with mental health symptoms and boredom were all reasons given for substance abuse but there were some key differences between young adults and those over the age of 25.

In fact, 18-24 year olds were:

–       74% more likely to report stress as the reason for their substance use

–       50% more likely to report boredom than those 25 and older

More Depression Compared to Other Age Groups

All four age groups that were a part of this survey reported that COVID-19 has impacted their mental health. Our youngest adults (18-24-year-olds) were 25% more likely to report a ‘significant’ impact on their mental health. 18-24-year-olds were nearly 30% more likely to report feelings of depression/loneliness (81%).

We Are Here to Help

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