Dual Diagnosis: Effective Treatment for Mental Health Disorders 

Jul 14, 2023 | Rehab

Millions of people struggle with substance addiction each year. With the growing number of addiction cases, treating it on time becomes crucial. However, while treating addiction, one should not neglect mental health conditions. Even though your mental health may seem perfectly stable, chances are you might have an underlying disorder. 

Out of all the addiction cases reported at a rehab, about 50% are that of dual disorders. This means, half of all addicts are also diagnosed with mental illness along with addiction. Such a condition is then referred to as dual diagnosis, or the identification of two disorders at a time. 

Cases of dual diagnosis then need expert assistance. Rehabs offer special dual diagnosis treatment for these cases. But what is included in this treatment? 

Dual diagnosis treatment begins with identifying the underlying mental health disorder along with substance addiction. Once the disorders are identified, the rehab staff analyzes your overall health. From the results derived, they will then plan a treatment schedule. The treatment schedule ideally includes detox, therapy sessions, medication, and aftercare. 

Why is Dual Diagnosis Treatment Necessary? 

Dual diagnosis treatment is very important, especially when dealing with serious mental and addiction issues. If you receive treatment only for substance addiction, your mental health disorder remains untouched. This merely increases the risk of relapse. 

Therefore, the experts suggest treating both disorders at once. A few other benefits of attending dual diagnosis treatment are: 

  1. Recovering in a supportive community 
  2. Round-the-clock care and support from experts in various fields 
  3. Learning to live a healthy life with mental and physical health as top priorities 
  4. Build new and healthy relationships that support sobriety 
  5. Eliminate negative relationships that encourage ill habits 
  6. Live in a distraction-free environment 
  7. Learn healthy ways to cope with triggers 

How is Dual Diagnosis Treatment Different from Other Treatments? 

There are many approaches to treating addiction and mental health disorders individually. However, they are only beneficial if the patient is suffering from only one of them. But when these disorders co-exist, it becomes tough to deal with them individually. That’s when dual diagnosis steps in. This form of treatment allows the patients to conquer both issues at once. The primary benefit of dual diagnosis then is that it reduces the risk of relapse. 

Where to Find the Right Treatment? 

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