Everything You Need to Know About Sober Living 

Jun 1, 2023 | Rehab

Achieving sobriety can be challenging and complicated. While some prefer to treat their addiction independently, others may seek professional help. There is no harm in treating addiction independently, but what you should know is that the journey is not easy. 

As you begin a detox, you will experience a set of withdrawal symptoms. These aren’t any ordinary health complications. Withdrawal symptoms can be as serious as delirium tremens. People suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms are also more likely to relapse. 

However, this can be prevented if you are under professional care. Rehabs offer quality care and support throughout your treatment. You also get to benefit from post-treatment care, which is from the sober living facilities. These facilities are residential spaces for recovering addicts to safely transition to a sober lifestyle. 

Let’s more about how they function. 

How Sober Living Works? 

Sober living facilities are transitional houses for recovering addicts to smoothly begin a sober life. The place is similar to any ordinary residence, except that it focuses on your sobriety. These residencies have strict rules for substances. The staff here makes sure to maintain a substance-free environment. 

Anyone seeking support from a sober home needs to spend a few days at the facility. The length of stay depends on your recovery progress. While you are here, you would also be required to attend 12-step meetings, support group meetings, couselling sessions, etc.

How to Get Into a Sober Living Home? 

Sober living homes are for recovering addicts. Therefore, to be admitted into one, you need to undergo addiction treatment. A few other factors that also decide your admission are: 

  • You need to be between 18 and 55 years of age 
  • You should not hold any criminal record in your name 
  • No ivolvement in any illegal matters 
  • Need to be free of any physical and mental health issues 
  • You should have a verifcation of your addiction treatment 
  • A proof of employment history 
  • Should not be involved in any alcohol or drug-related crimes 

Once you clear the requirements, you can proceed with the admission process. 

Mandatory Attandence for all Meetings 

Living at sober houses also requires you to attend meetings. The facility has rules regarding mandatory attendance for the same. Since meetings like 12-step program, personal and group counselling, sober house meetings, etc. help in a faster recovery, missing them can hinder your progress. 

Sober Living at Taylor Recovery 

All the abovem mentioned information is true for every sober living facility. Also the one offered by Taylor Recovery in Houston, Texas. The facility may sound strict but it is for the greater good. Therefore, enroll in our treatment program before its too late! 

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