Examples and Benefits of Positive Self-Talk During Recovery

Nov 16, 2022 | Rehab

Motivation and positivity are very important when you plan to achieve something big. This is also true in the case of addiction recovery. Addiction treatment is a difficult process, especially when you lack support and motivation. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have their friends and family by their side while undergoing treatment. 

These people often take a longer time to recover due to a lack of motivation. Therefore, we have compiled a blog for you mentioning the importance of positive self-talk. Read ahead and motivate yourselves. 

Benefits of Self-Talk 

When the news of your addiction comes out, there will be people ready to throw the meanest words at you. That can be demotivating. But what’s even worse is when your friends and family back off. 

If this happens, all you are left with is some self-motivation and that can happen through some self-talking. This might sound weird but talking to yourselves during recovery and motivating can be helpful. There are a few things you need to keep in mind to motivate yourselves. This is known as positive self-talk. 

A few examples of positive self-talk are listed below: 

  1. “It is a fact that I have tried and that shows my courage.” 
  2. “I am proud of myself for trying so hard.” 
  3. “Even if I failed, it has allowed me to learn from my mistakes.”
  4. “I have learned from my mistakes and now know what to do the next time.” 
  5. “I can’t change other people’s perception of me but I can surely change the way I think of myself.” 
  6. “I know I have made progress and there’s a lot more to do yet. I believe in myself and I can achieve success.” 
  7. “I am a lot stronger than what others and I think of myself.” 
  8. “I have done a lot and I can do more.” 

You are bound to feel low at some points during treatment but keeping these lines in mind will help you focus on your progress. 
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