Facts to Consider about Alcohol Detox Program

Sep 20, 2022 | Rehab

Are you suffering from alcohol addiction but are scared to undergo a detox program? If yes, then we must tell you that you have been having a few misconceptions about an alcohol detox program. An alcohol detox program isn’t something to be scared of, it is for your betterment. Though the detox is not an easy phase, it is still necessary to achieve sobriety. 

Here’s a blog compiled with all the facts about alcohol detox which help you clear all the misconceptions. 

Things to Know About Alcohol Detox Program 

Here are a few things to know before you begin a detox program.

  • Duration of the detox

Detox is the stage where your system gets rid of all the toxins that you’ve been consuming for a while now. This cannot happen overnight but the duration isn’t also the same for all. While some may detox within a few weeks, they may need at least a month to detox. 

  • Everyone has a different detox experience 

The detox experience depends on the severity and duration of the addiction. If you have been consuming large amounts of substances for a long time, the experience will be unpleasant, but if your addiction is at an early stage, it won’t be much of a problem. 

  • Constant care will be available 

Detox can put you in a weaker state for some time until you stabilize. But you won’t be alone during this difficult phase. There will be staff members to always support and care for you whenever needed. 

  • Medically-assisted treatment will be provided

Not everyone can detox easily. Thus, for severe cases during detox, you would be provided the necessary medications to safely get off of the substances. 

Keep these points in mind while enrolling for a detox program and you will be prepared for all the ups and downs of the detox. 

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