Family Therapy For Addiction: How Can It Help My Family?

Apr 14, 2022 | General TRC Information

There is therapy and treatment available for the people suffering from addiction but there is also therapy available for their families. Such therapies help the family members of an addict to overcome and handle the trauma and stress caused as a result of their loved one’s addiction. It also helps in fixing broken relationships among family members. 

Family therapy consists of four main elements which are: 

  1. Family engagement: it takes place in the initial phase of the treatment where the family members are asked to involve themselves in their loved one’s therapy. Their involvement acts as a support system for the patient and they can recover faster. 
  2. Relational reframing: it mainly breaks the traditional practice of describing problems and drawing solutions individually. Its aim is also to strike out irrational descriptions and attributions.  
  3. Family behavior change: the family is encouraged to maintain positive behavior and attitude. The patient and their family members are taught skills and techniques to ensure the same. 
  4. Family restructuring: this element brings a lot of change in the family by changing the family system, rules and clarifying misbeliefs.

Family therapy can also be taken at home but the parents of the patient need to take a stand to make all the required changes. They can consult some other specialist apart from the one present at the rehab center where their ward is admitted. Making certain changes and staying positive helps a lot in improving your loved one’s health. 

Family Therapy At Taylor Recovery 

Taylor Recovery center is there to guide you with all these issues which might be going on in your family due to a member’s addiction problem. You can contact us now to know more about our therapies and other treatments.